Tips and tricks on how to save money fast!

You won't even notice the money is in your savings!

Tips and tricks on how to save money fast!

Do you ever wish you had an extra $20-30 bucks to go get lunch, buy a new shirt or buy something for your significant other? I know I do. Do you sometimes wonder how are you going to retire if you aren’t saving money to do so?

The thought of saving money can be very overwhelming, especially if you don't think you make enough to even save money. I am going to give you a few tips on how you can save money and still pay bills, plus do the normal things you were doing before you started saving money. Sit back and take some notes!

1. One of the first things you should do is open up a savings account if you don’t already have one. Make this an account that you have access to but do not have a debit card attached to it. Once you have the account open you should either manually transfer $5-15 bucks a week into the account, or you can have your work take the money out of your check and put it in the account for you. I am telling you, you won’t even notice the money is missing from your check. What’s also fun, is that you can watch the money grow in your savings.

2. Open up an retirement account such as an, IRA or Roth account and start saving $10 bucks a check. It adds up fast and is a safe place to keep your money and watch it grow! I have been saving $10 a week and already have $140. Eventually I will add more and more, but I wanted to start off small and see if I really missed that $10 each week. Guess what, I don't even notice that it is gone from my account.

3. Sign up for apps like Acorns. I personally use this app and I love it! I have been able to save money fast and I don’t even realize the money is gone from my account. You can withdrawal the money whenever you want as well! I have had Acorns for about 1 month and I already have $68! It rounds up your change for you and puts it in the account. I don’t even notice the money coming from my account. Also, you can have them put 5-20 a week or month into the account as well. This helps your money grow even faster. There is a small fee for this app, $1 a month.

4. Another great app is called Digit. This app is designed to help people save. You can set it up so you save for certain things like trips, getting your nails done, hair done or even for a present. I have used Digit a couple times and I love how easy it is to start saving and to stop. You can tell Digit to stop saving and to deposit the money that you saved into your account. It only takes a couple of days! I do believe there is a small fee for using digit as well, either $1-2 a month.

5. In my home we have a Fun Fund Jar where we all contribute our change and small bills to whenever we have it. Then when we want to go do something, like go to the movies we take the money from there. It adds up fast!

Making one small change can really help you save money and you will thank me later! Here's to saving more and paying off debt! You got this. Leave me a note and let me know if you tried any of these options! or even tell me what you do to save money.

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