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Things You Need to Know about Teeth Bonding

by Dave Wesson 8 months ago in how to

Everything about Teeth Bonding

Do you have any discoloured, cracked or chipped tooth? Then tooth bonding, a popular cosmetic dental solution can boost your confidence for flashing up pearly white smile again. In this procedure, a tooth-coloured composite resin is applied over your damaged or broken teeth by the dentist for restoring their original look.

As it costs less than other cosmetic solutions like veneers and crowns, it is quite cost-efficient in the long run. Before planning to undergo this procedure, read this blog once to acquire some knowledge about this procedure.     

What is the teeth bonding treatment? How it works?

In comparison to other available cosmetic dental solutions, tooth bonding is quite simpler which is why it can be carried out without administering anaesthesia to the patients. It eradicates the idea of frequent dental visits as well if there is no cavity to be filled!

At first the shade guide is used by the dentist for the selection of appropriate of the resin which goes to your natural teeth colour. Then the tooth surface will be roughened up by the dentist for the application of the liquid which will adhere the bonding to your teeth for the rest of your life.

Resin is applied typically over this liquid for moulding it so that it comes into the shape of natural tooth. At last, UV light is used for hardening the tooth once the shaping is done perfect. In case there is any sharp edges or chips further shaping can be performed only by your dentist even after hardening of the resin.   

Why perform teeth bonding treatment?

Restoration of any dental imperfection or defect can be easily done by the dental bonding! People opt for this for repairing discoloured, cracked and decayed tooth. It is also brilliant in filling small gaps within two consecutive teeth as well. As it enhances the teeth size a bit it can be the perfect solution if you have short teeth in-between and want same length for all.

It can be performed in no time without the necessity of anaesthesia and so you are allowed to get back to your normal daily life within a short span of time. Specifically, it gets done within 30-60 minutes yet in some critical cases the appointment may get extended due to the complexity of the dental condition and procedure extension.    

Teeth bonding-accompanied risks

No major risks are accompanied to dental bonding. The only concern is the teeth bonding of composite materials (composite resin) is not so strong to that of the natural teeth thereby retaining the risk of its separation from original tooth.

It can get chipped as well over the course of time. On the other hand, no risk of such issues is there with dental filling, veneer and crown at all. Dental bonding can get chipped with eating of ice, chewing on pencils and pens and nail biting.

Also, you have to avoid biting on candies and hard foods at the same time. In contrary to other tooth materials, it is not so stain-resistance and hence possesses the chance of developing some discolouration by excessive drinking coffee and smoking!   

What will be the cost of teeth bonding procedure?

Tooth bonding expense varies in terms of your location, dentist expertise and procedure extent. So, it is impossible to conclude a fixed price for this procedure. Also, you have to substitute the bonding at an interval of every 5-10 years depending on your dental condition at that time.

Speaking to your dental insurance provider before undergoing the treatment is really imperative as some providers regard it as a cosmetic procedure hence not covers its expense at all.

Preparatory ways to perform teeth bonding

No special preparation is needed for tooth bonding. The only thing you have to do is to discuss with the dentist to check whether you are eligible for it or not! It may be efficient for severe tooth decay or damage. Otherwise, you will be suggested for crown or veneer instead!

Steps to take proper care of your bonded teeth

Proper dental care of the bonded teeth will definitely expand its lifespan. Some self-care tips are mentioned here for your reference:

  • Avoid nail biting.
  • Refrain from candies and hard foods.
  • Brush the teeth twice and floss once at a regular basis.
  • Arrange professional dental cleaning once in every 6-month with your dentist.
  • Abstain from tobacco, tea and caffeinated products for initially 2-day after doing the procedure for the prevention of stain.

Visit the dentist immediately in case the bonding material breaks or chips accidentally. Any rough or sharp edges will be rubbed out by your dentist.

Obvious a healthy smile matters a lot! When you are suffering from gapped teeth, chipped teeth or discolouration and require affordable repair then visit your dentist. Obviously the most suitable procedure will be figured out by your dentist. You can book your appointment for composite teeth bonding in London for improving your teeth appearance with an excellent alternative option.



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