Things to do to Keep you Occupied During the Coronavirus Quarantine

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The ultimate guide to fighting the boredom of staying home all-day

Things to do to Keep you Occupied During the Coronavirus Quarantine
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It may be boring being at home all day but the truth is this is the only way to keep you and others safe. Anytime you feel bored, open up this article and choose from any of the options I have listed below.

1. Do Some Work

I know this sounds very boring but tough times call for tough measures. You have a lot of time now so instead of doing nothing all day work on that assignment that’s due in a couple of months or catch up on work that you’re behind on. Now work doesn’t have to include work from your job or school… It can include work around the house like organizing your closet and garage or cleaning the house. Doing something productive like housework, or an assignment can help you stay away from a lazy lifestyle that will be detrimental to your mental health later on during the quarantine. Try to spend at least an hour or two per day on a task this will hopefully help make you feel less bored and more productive.

2. Do Something Creative

Are you a writer? Do you enjoy taking photos? Making videos? Do it. If you like taking photos or are just bored of your Instagram feed, do a photoshoot by yourself or with your family members. Get some inspiration from Pinterest or if you have a projector, project a cool background on a wall and take some cool photos of yourself! If you like to write... search up writing prompts on Pinterest! And if you like to film and edit videos… challenge yourself. Try to film the most boring video you can think of and see how you can edit it to make it seem way more fun than it actually is. Like photoshop? Try making phone wallpapers perfectly tailored to each of your friends and family and if you like dancing challenge yourself by giving yourself 10 minutes to choreograph a routine to a random song in your playlist. Getting your creativity flowing can be so accelerating and in a time where time is not of the essence take advantage of it.

3. Binge Watch

I’m sure everyone has been doing this and this shouldn’t even be in this list but speaking as a very indecisive person giving me the chance to choose from 1000’s of shows and movies kills me so… I’m going to be telling you what to watch. If you haven’t watched the marvel series… do it. There are over 20 movies in the series and it is one of the most talked-about franchises so why not start now? If you don’t want that sort of commitment, however, movies that I enjoy and would recommend include, Ready or Not, Tag, The Spy who Dumped Me and Game Night.

4. Video Games

If you or a family member has a console take advantage. Video games are immersive and if you choose the right one you could be lost for hours, which on a regular day would be bad but during this quarantine is a blessing. Some games I would recommend are, Halo: Fireteam Raven, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead and Detroit: Become Human.

5. Workout

Have you ever made excuses for why you don't want to work out? well, now you can't make any. Try at-home workouts and try to make small goals that you can achieve by the end of each week. Working out is self-explanatory so I won't overcomplicate why you should do it... but if you've wanted to workout from when the quarantine started up until now, take a chance and just do it.

So the next time you think about complaining about being bored all day please think about all the people who may not see their families ever again and are suffering because of this virus, instead think about how you are safe.

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