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The Theory Behind Writing Everyday | Practice Makes Perfect

Should We Really Write Everyday?

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The Theory Behind Writing Everyday | Practice Makes Perfect
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The more we write the more we practice. By writing Consistently we get to practice more often, and if we keep this routine we get better with time. Nothing’s magical about how this works, it should be crystal clear this is simply common sense mixed with desire, and the result is usually satisfying.

Write Everyday — What You Understood — And What It Means

Here’s the thing, we should write often so we get better. Repetition, repetition, and way more repetition. Never forget why you’re writing so much in the first place, make sure you don’t lose focus, and don’t do it unless you have a reason. I say this because writing for the wrong reasons feels like a lot of work, and the type of work I personally wouldn’t be okay with. Unless you enjoy writing, it is nothing more but work and I hate to work but I never work when I’m writing. Don’t write everyday because you have to finish a book, write everyday because you need to get better at it. In the end writing is writing, write?

“Write everyday” I understood that I should write and post at least a single article on medium everyday. This is how I perceived the message, this was my interpretation of everyday writing. But, this is not the definition of everyday writing this is not the best way to practice. It does help I won’t deny that but, maybe not the best method. Unless of course you’re already a very skilled writer which is definitely a different story. But, skilled writers who’ve already convinced thousands of followers don’t need to post everyday right? But, why exactly are you writing everyday?

Medium Everyday Writing And Why You Shouldn’t Do It

You shouldn’t write everyday because you’re probably writing for the wrong reasons. I look forward to getting more views, followers, claps and more but I’ll get there eventually. Writing everyday seems like a way to boost things up and possibly invite new reads and new followers but is that why you write everyday? If you can’t help it, if you really need to write everyday then by all means … Do it.

I’m not so familiar with the feeling of running out of ideas but I guess this happens a lot with people who need to publish a new piece everyday. I don’t like feeling under pressure, and find myself looking for what’s trending in order to get a piece published. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of work? If you enjoy writing and write only about things you’re passionate about then how do you run out of ideas?

Go for what’s Trending | Fake Theory

Just like most things in life, it’s all a matter of choice. This is no secret, we enjoy reading about the recent changes around the world but that isn’t the only thing available out there, now is it? Get this, if you enjoy writing about the recent changes and trends then that’s you, and I believe you’ll do great. But if it isn’t then don’t go for it. Going for trends is not the only way to do this.

What Should You Write About?

Truth is, if people enjoy your writing and what you write about people will read, and it doesn’t need to be about what’s trending. Medium is different, medium already has an interesting number of readers who look for great content to read. And, although people enjoy reading about specific topics (it’s a matter of choice) most of us are more than happy to learn a thing or two everyday. I personally write about the internet and Cyber-Security but I found myself reading a fictional story the other day. I enjoyed the piece, and followed the author, why? Because I enjoyed the piece, I didn’t know I was into fiction now I kind of do.

Sometimes I’m so inspired and energetic that I write more than one article, in fact 2 to 3 at times in 24hrs , and sometimes none. I write consistently though I have myself a routine, but I still don’t write everyday. But, sometimes I do, for the right reasons.

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