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Technology and Man: Best Life Hacks for Easy Life

What sorts of life hacks can be found in the internet now? People are trying to find out the newest and craziest solutions for making the life better and more convenient.

By Alexander PovetkinPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

What sorts of life hacks can be found on the internet now! People are trying to find out the newest and craziest solutions for making life better and more convenient. Let's look together at what others have already come up with. The following life hacks are connected with devices that we use all the time and panic when they stop working.

Firstly, several lifehacks for your smartphone (because we can’t live without it today).

  • Drying your smartphone: When the phone is “attacked” by water (let's say you accidentally wet it), do not panic. Find the package that is sealed, fill it with rice, put your smartphone in it (don’t forget to remove the battery and the SIM card). Close the package tightly and forget about it for a day. Rice perfectly absorbs moisture, which means your gadget will work again.
  • Increasing the loudspeaker volume: There are special programs that allow you to increase the volume of the smartphone. But their efficiency is not very impressive for users, and applications do not work on all phones. Therefore, when deciding to listen to music once again, just put the gadget in an empty glass bowl. You will notice that the sound will become not just bigger and louder, but also significantly more pleasant by ear.
  • Making a phone holder: You can use sunglasses or a hair grip when watching movies or communicating via video link on a dating site or in Skype. These items easily turn into comfortable holders and allow you to enjoy watching videos on your phone or listening to music. It's simple.

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  • Charging the phone quickly: Did you know that switching the phone to Airplane mode allows you to charge the gadget faster? In this mode, all possible modules, energy-consuming processes are turned off, and the battery filling process is surprisingly very fast.

Secondly, refrigerator!

Most often, the fridge either works wrong or has a strange rattle. Such stuff is the sign of breakage, sure. SO:

1. Check whether the refrigerator is installed correctly: Noise and unpleasant ringing can be heard if the fridge touches other furniture.

2. Unstable refrigerator relay: A non-characteristic sound can come from it. It is necessary to check whether it is securely fixed.

3. The compressor housing mounting bolts are loosely tightened: If so, you just need to tighten them.

4. The pipeline is in contact with the walls of the refrigerator: In this case, it should be gently and slightly bent to the side.

Thirdly, vacuum cleaner.

The most common cause of malfunctions in the operation of a vacuum cleaner is untimely cleaning of the filter or emptying the bag from debris. As a result, the motor works very noisy and constantly overheats, or doesn’t turn on at all.

If after proper cleaning the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work as it should, lubrication of the bearings on the engine with oil can help. This is a very effective way if the technique has been serving you for a long time.

The integrity of the brush and hose should be checked, if the deterioration of traction is present. The latter may move away from the hull or tear. The brush shouldn’t be very dirty, and the brush roller should rotate freely. To improve the work cleaning is carried out, and if the bearing is stuck—it is oiled.

Of course, there are many other life hacks that deal with various everyday situations. For example, how to clean the pan or cut a coconut, how to mount a video or create an account in the social network, how to sew a sock or cook an omelet. It is possible that in the process of conducting various experiments you will want to invent something of your own. Go ahead!

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