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Steps to Create Your Own Mirror

by Heat Baup 9 months ago in how to
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Steps to Create Your Own Mirror

Steps to Create Your Own Mirror
Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

Mirrors are made during a smooth, polished environment that reflects light. The mirror is usually made of one-sided glass paper filled with aluminum, silver, or gold. That side is drawn, or covered with any solid material, so the picture shown is viewed.

The glass, which is one large part of the mirror, is surprisingly one of the worst light bulbs. With only 4% light reflected, glass is popular due to its appearance so the molding power is light during production. The glass was first discovered in Phenicia by the Egyptians. it was made of glass beads and jewelry 3,000 years ago. Nearly a thousand years later, the Romans followed suit by devising a technique for making a crooked glass for drinking and jewelry. Glass is made up of three ingredients, all right, so maybe four of them, including fire, compact and cooler. Silica, a component found in sand, soda (alkali), and lime are mixed together at high temperatures. While still hot and melted, it was molded into a mold. After the glass has dropped, it is usually sensitive. It doesn’t affect conflicts because the instruments do it. The strongest type of glass is "Prince Rupert's Drop." this type of glass can be a glass of glass that dropped quickly, dropped a hot ball into the water. The melted globe, which cools rapidly in water, absorbs cracking, and cannot be cracked, or hit with a hammer. However, if the small tail of the "Prince Rupert's Drop" is hit with a hammer, the whole drum will force the glass dust to enter.

To make the sheet, thick silk is wrapped around metal pins, dug into squares, and cooled on a flat surface. To mimic glass, one side is fastened with metals such as silver, gold, or chrome. before the 1940's, due to the lack of pollution, Mercury was a suitable fabric for mirrors. the use of Mercury was discontinued because it was found that although it covered the glass evenly, and made the right mirror, it blocked toxic beverages. Aluminum became a common ground.

The mirrors are made using four steps. All mirrors should start with clean areas. One side should be fixed with a stone that will be stoned to make it more secure. i like to understand how to make a mirror, i found a simple DIY video on YouTube by and that they have DIY mirror making products! this is usually something I should try! I would love to make my mirror really dark! Here are four basic steps that have links to their products and direct you to follow the DIY video. It's very easy, so if you've ever tried, or done after reading this, I'd love to know your results!

Silver Mirror:

1. Glass Cleaning - Rubber gloves can help remove fingerprints from glass. The glass is first washed hard with a concentrated detergent. Cut off the particles of oil and mud and any smudges are rubbed with a soft cloth. After cleaning the surface with warm water, the cleaning process is repeated using a cleaning and polishing agent, which hobbyists call "Opticians Rouge" (found at Walmart or Amazon), but commonly called Cerium Oxide. After scraping the earth to immerse it in a metal liquid with aluminum slurry of the mixture, the glass is washed again with warm water. using a water spray, the glass is thoroughly cleaned.

2. Sensitivity to glass - Glass should be sensitive before being covered with silver. The "Tinning" solution has been used to create a relationship between silver and glass. It is usually done by mixing 2 ounces of water with distilled or diluted water with a few ounces of Silver Tin. Made with Stannous Chloride, Nitrate and Chlorine, the Tin product of Silveris is available online. After cleaning and pouring too much water, place the glass on the rivets, with the side of the mirror on top. Keep the glass suspended above the rock bottom of the tub so that you can easily pour it on the rock floor. Equally pour the tinning solution over the glass. Let's stay for 30 seconds. Remove excess by tilting the glass. Use a water spray to clean the invisible layer of the lubricant. be sure not to let the glass dry before pouring the silver.

3. Put a mirror - For silver, there should be equal parts, 15 ML per silver solution, silver activator, and silver reduction included. the area recommends 1.5 fl ozs of silver per sq ft of glass to be bound. Pour evenly into a glass. the color will change slightly from brown to silver, as silver adheres to the glass. let us sit for five minutes, and while we wait, we lean gently to clear any roads so that the earth is smooth. For more than 5 minutes, we put the remaining silver in a glass. Rinse thoroughly with purified water and the air will dry the glass straight, so any excess liquid can escape the surface to prevent water from getting trapped under the silver. the color will appear opaque blue when the sun shines behind the molten glass. If the coat looks uneven or thin, the process is repeated to create a deeper hue. don't touch it again. sunlight behind a well-balanced mirror will appear as a deep blue.

4. Paint Mirror - Molded glass must be completely dry before you can paint. using a soft cloth or brush, paint any supporting silver color. you will use two coats. After drying, clean the front of the mirror and be sure to remove any excess paint. Independent of anything you would like.

Instead of, or in combination with silver, you will use a single pewter, cobalt or iron twist and make your own mirror using the Galena Mirror line of products sold by, just click on the link.

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