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Spring Cleaning Means It’s Time to Declutter – Here’s Why | Andrew Hutchings Long Beach

Why spring cleaning is so important - and how to make the most of it.

By Andrew Hutchings | Long Beach, CaliforniaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Spring cleaning is a great way to help you get rid of unnecessary items sitting in your home for years. It also means organizing all the new things on your shelves or drawers. These reasons would be good enough, but one must not forget the mental health boost that comes from a decluttered home.

For spring cleaning to work, you need to know how to declutter. Here is how to declutter during spring cleaning.

Start with Intention

Before you declutter, ensure you have a purpose behind it. Also, do not do the cleaning for the sake of it. It is essential to be intentional when cleaning your home. For instance, you may declutter your home because you need it to be clean and organized. Decluttering should not just be a routine to you, but it must be something that you enjoy doing.

Declutter in Smaller Steps

It is best to start with the smallest things in your home and work your way up. This will help you keep track of how much stuff is out there and if there are things that are genuinely unnecessary or not valuable enough to keep around. It also helps you figure out where your clutter can live after the spring season.

Recognize the Energy Your Objects Hold

Ensure you pay attention to your objects’ emotional value when decluttering. For instance, when decluttering, do not get rid of something because it is old or has sentimental value. Instead, look at the energy of your items and determine whether they will bring positive energy into your home.

Keeping Items Out of Site Does Not Mean You Forgotten Them

When decluttering, try to find places to store items that will be out of sight. This is not to say that you have forgotten about these items. It keeps the clutter from being too noticeable to the other family members or guests. For instance, you may put things in the attic, garage, or basement. However, do not forget that these items are stored in those areas.

In conclusion, decluttering should be a part of your spring-cleaning routine. This will help you get rid of unnecessary items and keep you from accumulating more clutter. You should apply the above steps when decluttering your home during spring. Your home will remain organized and clean.

About Andrew Hutchings Long Beach

Andrew Hutchings is someone who lives life to the fullest. In addition to enjoying the perks of a thriving real estate career built over the past four decades, Andrew is also an avid collector and enthusiast of fine wines, deep tissue massages, and showpiece wristwatches. His appreciation of the finer things stems from his fortunate upbringing. Andrew and his family began traveling the world at a very early age, courtesy of his father’s airline job. He and his brothers have traveled around the globe no fewer than eleven times. Through these experiences, Andrew’s eyes were opened to a world outside the United States, and he fell in love with the rich history of Europe and other ancient lands. As a result, Andrew began collecting items with historical significance that he also personally loved, such as wine and watches. The idea of carrying an actual piece of history on his wrist is fascinating to him.

True to form, Andrew Hutchings is teaching his children how to appreciate the finer things as well. He has many reasons to be proud of his kids aside from their sophisticated upbringing. His son is in medical school in Belarus, and his daughter is in NYC getting her master’s degree. Visiting his children and watching them succeed is one of Andrew’s other joys in life.

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Andrew Hutchings | Long Beach, California

Andrew Hutchings Long Beach is a well-known real estate professional with forty years of experience in his field. Andrew Hutchings Long Beach is known for his astounding home renovations.

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