Spreading My Seed

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Spreading My Seed
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One of our biggest challenges as writers is productivity. When, where, and how often do we write? Keep reading and I’ll share my little secret to putting out content consistently across the internet.

It’s easier than you think

I can’t make you write, so if you’re not already doing writerly things, this won’t help you at all. But if you have a daily routine (and you should) then getting your work out to various outlets will be a breeze.

I almost always write my piece in Google Docs. This allows me to have access to the article anywhere, and be able to edit when needed. Once an article is written and polished, I put it into Medium. This usually requires a little bit of tweaking to the format and adding some pictures. But it’s done and available. And being available is the first step in spreading your seed.

Spread it

I have one child. Making a baby is not hard. Making an article sing and connect with audiences is hard. But the more you do it, and the more eyes you can get on that piece, the better your chances of connecting with someone. Good writing comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of my favorite articles are short and to the point. Some of my favorite books are gargantuan thirty pound affairs that make me sigh when I look at the progress I’ve made.

Putting your work in front of as many people as possible is key. So why aren’t you double-dipping? Why aren’t you using one great article across many platforms? These are rhetorical questions. But ask yourself why that great piece is only locked into your website. You can use it across all platforms (assuming they allow it). And now, suddenly, that article about Avocado Toast Trends in 2020 is surging on Medium, or Vocal, or wherever you sit.


I’m all over the place with my writing. I have yet to settle onto a niche that suits me or makes me consistently happy. But I know I must get there. People enjoy reading succinct articles about something that the writer is passionate about. I don’t write about politics because I don't have much to say beyond my own partisan beliefs. But I do have a great wealth of knowledge about video games, tech, writing, books, movies, sex, failed relationships, daddy issues, and religion. So I dabble in those spaces.

But over the next few weeks, I’m committing to just a few of these topics. And committing to writing them well. My gameplan (assuming it does not change) will be to write on three of these topics a week. Same day, same topic each week. So for example, my Monday output (across all my platforms) might be a tech review of a product I’m using or something new hitting the market. Wednesday might be a very candid article about writing techniques that have helped me. And then on Friday, I’ll provide you with some sexy sex talk for the weekend. These are just examples, so don’t @ me asking for sexy sex articles if I change my Friday’s to daddy issues. Feel me?

All of this is to say, write often and write well. Once you have those pieces in place in your favorite writing app, spread your seed. Put that motherfucker out into the world in front of as many eyes as you can. And then promote the fuck out of it. Why? Because if you don’t tell people where to find your work, there’s a good chance they won’t find it.

See how easy that was? One article can have legs, baby. Work smarter. And if I may offer one last piece of advice…

Engage with your readers, other writers, friends, and family. We all need a little bit of validation.

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