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Scented Candles

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Scented candles for the holidays

Scented Candles
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Buying Candles For Holiday Cheer For All Types Of Friends

Tips for buying scented candles

Scented candles have become a staple for the holidays and especially throughout the fall and winter months. Not all of us know exactly how to go about plucking one candle from the cacophony of many and deciphering whether its aroma will be sweetly pleasant or nauseatingly sickening. What matters is not so much how you respond to it, but how the individual it is meant for will respond.

It is worth noting that many people who suffer from asthma and other types of respiratory diseases struggle with candles. Even if you have noticed scented candles in their home, you might want to reconsider, unless you can get close enough to the candle they have selected and jot down the brand name and the fragrance. Some people with respiratory diseases can only tolerate certain scents and others will send their asthma or breathing difficulties into over drive.

Quality candles can be rather expensive. They are a great gift for those who appreciate them simply because of their expense. Buying one candle is not difficult, as the price often ranges between $20 and $40. But buying numerous candles can really run up a tab. It can be hard to justify to a significant other why there are charges on the credit card for $140 for candles when it appears that you can pick up the same thing at the grocery store for $5. There is a reason for quality and price when it comes to a candle. Sure, you can drop $5 on a scented candle, but then nobody is going to be able to enjoy its scent. They dont tend to be strong enough to alter the aroma of a house or apartment, and sometimes not even one room. Scented candles worth their weight in pleasant aroma run more because their quality is that much higher. And when you can use just two candles to liven up your homes aromatic qualities, its worth the price.

Candles have a positive affect on most people, even when its not known. Aromatherapy is a therapy based completely on scents. Studies have confirmed that aromas cause the brain to leach out different hormones. When the nasal area is more than satisfied, and smells pleasant aromas within the home, there is a connection made in the brain that triggers greater relaxation and stronger emotional ties to the home. Can aromatherapy stop an affair? No. Its not a magical source that will rework ones character. But what it can do is allow for a more relaxed and calm environment within the home, which can help facilitate conversation, laughter, and even sexual intimacy. While the complete range of the benefits of aromatherapy are not yet known, the results that have been established are quite positive and, in my opinion, certainly worth $40 a month on a candle or two.

When youre trying to buy scented candles for others, all of these ideas line up. The gift youre giving is one of aromatherapy and eased expense for the candle lover. This is greatly appreciated. Of course you want to get the right candles for the right person, but unless you know what type of fragrances they appreciate, it can be hard to pick out something positively perfect. Most people who are shooting blind in the candle buying arena tend to go for neutral smells. Smells, while technically are divided up into numerous categories, are divided up into three basic styles for purposes of clarity. There are sweet smells, neutral smells, and what I call potent smells but the rest of the world seems to refer to as hearty smells.

Sweet smells, as you would expect, smell like something that remind us of cookies baking or apple pie or fruit. These smells include most of your vanilla scents and a lot of your linen scents. Sweet smells are lovely to some and sickening for others. Unless you know for sure how your recipient feels about these things, avoid the sweet smells.

Hearty smells are the smells that arent sweet, but offer a strong and bold aroma. Pine scents, herb scents, and some of your tree and nature scents are considered hearty. These are usually preferred by someone who isnt crazy about the sweetness of some smells. However, those that prefer sweet smells find hearty smells to be overpowering.

The neutral smells are those that are considered to be less identifiable. Sometimes they come with cute scent names like sand, sea, and air. Some linens will be more neutral than sweet. Neutral scents are good for those who offer you no clue to their preference. Often a neutral scent can fit into most peoples aroma range with ease. They are usually not as strong as your sweet or hearty scents, but can be subtle and remind us of things that are clean.

When picking up a candle for a loved one or a friend, choosing between the long list of scents can be very difficult. If you approach it with the idea of the three basic scents, youre going to have a much better shot at purchasing a candle that will be well received.




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