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Say These Positive Affirmations Daily

Take charge of your life

By Monet GrahamPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Say These Positive Affirmations Daily
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On my IndigoGamer MiMi Youtube channel, I recently created a visual video of positive affirmations you can listen to or repeat out loud daily, to help position you to live your most rewarding and abundant life possible. I would like to share those same affirmations here on Vocal to a different following I have, in hopes it could help someone else.

1) I love myself unapologetically

This affirmation is so important. Creating a habit of saying/writing this affirmation opens yourself up to merging with your highest divine self. When you are spiritually aligned you will realize that everything in life has meaning and purpose. So at your highest and lowest points of your life, it all was meant to happen. Because certain lessons were meant to be learned, for example how strong you are. It is usually not until you feel like you've messed up too many times, ruined your future, or traveled farther down a road you had no business on. That a miracle, if you will appears in your life and opens another door and starts you on a new journey. This journey leading you right straight to your purpose in life.

2) I understand I cannot love or support anyone else properly until I learn to love and support myself

As much as we all want that perfect love story, we have to be realistic. Real love isn't spontaneous or magical. It is work, hard work. Just like working at a typical 9-5, nobody immediately starts a new job and has all knowledge of what the position entails without proper orientation and training. One way to train how to love properly, is to start with self. Love on yourself! Take yourself out to eat or attend public events. What do you do to comfort yourself? Do you have a favorite food that makes you happy? Do you have a favorite day of the week to go on hikes, or do you like scary movie nights? When you can learn to look inwards and figure out who you are, what you like, and what you don't. You can utilize this new information and put together a blueprint (obviously would not be exact) that would help you understand the type of partner you are seeking. How do you want your life partner to treat you? Are you showing your partner in behavior or effort that you also love and appreciate them as much as yourself? Are your relationships usually one sided?

This affirmation is HUGE and should not be taken lightly.

3) Everyday is a new chance for me to live my life as I want

Babyyyy if you don't take your life in your own hands!!! Stop waking up and immediately expecting the worse!! Stay connected to frequencies that allow miracles to enter your life! Do good, and receive good! Be kind to others, that is sending out messages of ready to receive love and kindness from others!! Hence making your days better, because you will be experiencing more happiness and joy in your life! Take the initiative and start every day off right with this affirmation.

4) I choose to be happy

That's right pretty much same theory as number 3. Because it is a crucial factor on changing self and your life! You have to push yourself to stay high vibing. Find things to laugh at constantly through out your day. Try to always reach out to your favorite people that tend to put a smile on your face effortlessly. Focus on things that give you joy, like your pets, going on adventures, reading, listening to music. When someone says something snarky to you at work, it can roll off your back easier because you've been thinking about going home and your energetic puppy that's waiting for you, to give you many kisses and cuddle time. This is just an example.

May sound silly, but trust me it works.

5) I choose to be loved

It can be so easy to be your worst critic. That's why saying this affirmation helps keep you focused! We are not nitpicking our flaws any longer. Instead find ways to talk positively about these so called flaws. I personally have been overweight since the end of elementary school. I used to hate how I looked, felt like I never fit in with any of my classmates, and used to wish I was someone else. But NOWWWWW love, I am so happy to say I have done a complete 180! I love everything about me. Just as I am, no major weight loss. Same cracked teeth. Same shortness LOL. If you say these affirmations daily, you will eventually see how amazing you are because no one else in the world is completely like you! You will love to be who you are. You will love to live your life. This affirmation can even be increased, if you decide to focus on areas you once disliked or were embarrassed of and say out loud "___ is mine! No one else has it, and it belongs to only me and has assisted me on my journey".

6) My past mistakes are not a life sentence

Say this 50 times in a row if you need too!! One reason a lot of people dislike themselves is because others have bombarded them with insults and jabs at their character based on events that have happened in the past. One way to silent these haters is to remind yourself daily that the past has happened and can only stay in the past. That is why many gurus say to grow or move forward you must release your past. If you focus on your past choices, events, you are literally time traveling. You are stuck in a loop. All you see is your past and not working on your future. I needed to include this affirmation for the collective because too many still do not understand that to make a better future for yourself you have to actually put energy and work towards a new future, new path, new opportunities. Get out of the past!

7) I am constantly evolving

This affirmation will keep your mind open to new in your life. So you're at work and you get the inspiration to write a book. But you haven't written anything in years... SO WHAT!! Once you clock out and figure out what's for dinner you better get some paper or a pencil, a laptop or tablet and start getting your ideas organized! Be open to new hobbies, business ideas, career ventures in your life! I'm sure if you speak with any seasoned human on this planet they will tell you that they were not the same person at age 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 70+ !! Life is about growth. Growing as a person academically, spiritually, stability wise etc.

8) I am abundant, I am protected

I love to throw in an abundance and protection section to any affirmations. At the end of the day, in order for your affirmations or manifestations to make a physical appearance in your life you have to believe you are deserving of a abundant life. You have to know and say out loud that you are protected in every way you can think of!

** Now I do want to add a disclaimer, this will only work if you are also doing the other affirmations listed here. When you are positive to yourself and others, being good to yourself and others, loving yourself and others you have access to divinity. Therefore you can tap into divine protection. Know that the divine is all knowing. Trying to manifest with bad intentions for others will break your divinity chain. **

Here is the link to this specific video.

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