money and savings.

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A self-guide on how to get it together, or just to have more grip on your life moneywise.

money and savings.


Hello and welcome! It’s very nice to see you here! In this self-guide, you’ll read and learn about how to spend your money, and how to save money! All this advice I learned from my mom and dad! And I want to pass it to you guys!


Work, a very important thing in our lives. and also something we will do for the rest of our lives. It is the way to make money, to pay our bills and to live our lives.

You're working for the money, but are you also working because you like work? Do you know how many people are just working for money and have a shitty job?

Searching for a job that pays good and is fun! I know it seems impossible, but sometimes the impossible is possible. I'm an IT-Manager and I love my job.


That feeling, that great feeling when you get your paycheck. You wanna spend it all, but a little voice in your head says 'You can't, you have to pay your bills!'

After you received it control the urge to buy something, instead of spending it right away, wait until everything is paid that you have to pay! Then after that go your gang!


Yeah, I know what you're thinking, ugh savings. But in this section, you'll see that it is actually fun to save money. Besides that, I hope to inspire you to start saving.

So before you start saving money, you have to make a calculation of your bills for example:

+Paycheck 2500

-Rent 900

-Groceries 100 a/w (makes around 300 a/m)

-Savings 200

-Car gasoline 50 a/w (makes around 150 a/m)

- Car insurance 100

-Healthcare insurance 100

After you paid everything like this you still have 250 to spend all for yourself! You can save it or spend it! Again this is a simple calculation! Some people make more, some people make less!

it's about knowing what gets in and what goes out. knowing what you spend and where you spend it. Again this is just advice!

Borrow money from yourself.

While reading this title you might think "what in the world?" yes this is also another reason why you should save. Let's say its almost Christmas and you have to buy your family presents.

But then you check your balance, with a scared face you open your finance app. You see that it has been payday, but you also see that everything you have to pay has been paid.

What do you do now? Well luckily you have saved 200 each month and now there is standing a beautiful amount of money on the savings account. Happily you transfer some money to your self and go shopping!

This is also a good way why to save money. When you need money you can also borrow from yourself. But watch out! This is dangerous because some people borrow from themselves but never put it back.

This is how I do it, with borrowing money from myself:

-new pants 50

-new sweater 25

So that makes 75, but you don't have 75, so you go to your savings and transfer 75 to pay it. Next month instead of saving 200, you save 275 because you borrowed 75 from yourself.

When you borrow from yourself, ALWAYS keep track of what you borrow from yourself!! Just write it down what you spend. But what do you do if you borrowed more than you can save the next month?

No worries, write it down what you can't save. And make sure you pay yourself back the next month. Just always make sure you transfer the money back!

Other reasons to save.

You might also have other reasons to save. Like you really want that special edition of a product. Maybe you're saving for a new pc? Maybe even for your future? You might just save because you really wanna go on that expensive vacation?

Saving is also a part of growing up. You learn how to handle money. You learn how to make a budget and a buffer. A buffer means that you learn how to save money for an unexpected moment that you have to spend money.

Like suddenly your phone breaks or something in the house breaks. Saving is a part of growing up, it's a part of a learning process.

Living based on your paycheck.

This is a very important subject. Living like your paycheck means just how it's written. You can't spend money you don't have. My dad always told me the story of the couch.

The story of the couch goes like this:

You finally have your apartment. You're walking past some stores, and suddenly you see it. That beautiful couch, that couch you always wanted.

You walk into the store and decide to buy it, but then you see the price check and you know that it doesn't fit in your budget, but you really want it.

So you decide to buy it based on payment in terms, terms to pay every month. You happily go home with a new couch. But after a few years, you're still paying for that couch.

And now the couch has turned into a couch that is dirty and you really want something new because this couch is not your taste anymore. But then you remember that you still have that paying in terms.

So you just accept the fact that you have a couch you don't like and you're still paying for it!

My dad taught me that you shouldn't buy anything you can't afford! If you really want something, then go save for it! Because otherwise, you're stuck with something you don't like and you're still paying for it!

Live-based on your paycheck, you can't buy something that doesn't fit in your budget. Instead of borrowing money from the bank or paying in terms, go save for it!

And the good thing about saving for it is when you buy it, you'll feel twice as happy when you bought! because you saved it! You did it all by yourself!


I want to thank you so much for reading this all! I really hope I inspired you to go saving, and I hope you learned something after reading this! If you did, please go share this, so you can inspire other people!

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