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by Kristen Dean 2 years ago in how to
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Different ways to spend less money

There are ways to spend less money on items we need. Since spending can be a challenge. Here is at least two methods. Coupons, using a coupon usually takes 1 dollar off when purchasing non-food items, tends to give ten percentage off or twenty percent discount. Sometimes you get twenty-five percentage off. However in order to get twenty-five discount you may have to spend $30 or more. Which is a trick stores use to get customer's wallets empty. Nontheless coupons are still useful to have in your pocket. People can print coupons at their home. A couple of websites to obtain from: One, This site tends to have a few coupons for the user to print. Second:, with this site the user can print more than six coupons. The user can click it icon then print as much as they need. Using for me is a great online resource for my grocery shopping. I am able to get a dollar off my food. There is a app name: sansaver where you will always find coupons to use online or from your phone at the cashier. Sansaver has their own website too. has been advertise a lot on the view show. On ABC tv network, usually airs during late morning. This site not only offers coupons. Retailmenot offers cashback, free shipping and discounts on Rx medicines. One or two more websites is offers giftcards, along with cashback and coupons. Give this a try and see for yourself. One website that gives you promo codes 24/7 is This site is easy to use. Sometimes it has a online code for your favorite store. Other days it does not. You log into the site, select the store to shop then tap the link to the store. You'll be redirected to the store's site. Right there the code will be at the checkout. You'll pay half the price for what you want to buy. I personally recommend If you need to buy certain items for an important occasion. For example: preparing for your friend's wedding. Maybe purchase a very expensive dinnerware set. Getting a discount on a bridal gift can leave you feeling secure. Knowing you won't have to dip too much into your savings account. Also that good feeling giving a gift to a friend on their wedding day. Promo codes are a fantastic option. If the consumer does not feel comfortable paying the full price. The code takes half of the full price. Leaving the consumer spending less money during their shopping trip. In conclusion if you want to spend less money to promo codes and coupons are the way to go. Another way to get coupons is in the mail from a circular paper. Granted recieving the circular should just be enough and sometimes it is. It's good however to expand your choices especially when it comes to saving money. I also know a few companies that are willing to send some to your home. Turkey Hill (a ice cream company) I requested some coupons from them before. I founded about 8 to 10 coupons in the envelope, it felt great like a kid getting a toy for his birthday. I remember getting some from Snapple (a beverage company) sadly the coupons expired by the time I received them. A good department store known as Jcpenny. Jcpenny will often times send coupons in the mail but you have to purchase items from their store a couple of times. In other words you have to be a loyal customer in order to receive coupons in the mail. MACYS does the same thing but like JCpenny you also have to buy their items a few times in order to get coupons or promo codes.

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