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When starting with 0

By Samuel MoorePublished 3 years ago 6 min read

Making money is of the biggest worries of adult life.

Unfortunately it seems that when you start on the bottom, everything that makes money needs… well… money.

You are put into this position where you need to make the thing to get the thing but you don’t have thing in the first place.

I don’t deny for a moment that I’ve been lucky to get where I am and even so, it’s not like I can quit the main job and rely on my passions to pay the bills.

But what I will say, is that I have worked with a lot of people and helped them to start making money when they have little to nothing to start with.

So let’s talk about it.


There are a few ways you can go about this. You could get yourself a printing machine, plan t-shirts in different sizes and go from there.

But what if they don’t sell? What if you have to sit on them for months before you actually sell a single one?

Luckily there are a number of sites out there that rely on people like you (and me) when it comes to this.

Sites like TeeMill will give you your own little domain, allow a large number of designs and even better, they will handle the printing, shipping and payment process for you!

All this without taking a penny from you.

So what’s the catch? Well obviously the take a sizable cut out of your profits.

For me this is always going to be worth it. You put time into this but you don’t loose a penny, and more importantly, if you don’t sell, you don’t loose.


Well hi there. That’s right, I’m saying you could do this to make money. Writing is not something that will see you break into thousands and tens of thousands by the end of the week. But you will build up and build something like a passive income. There are better sites than others- and I would always recommend this site ( The reason for this is very simple, I don’t write for myself very often, but this site has paid out more than anything else I’ve tried in the last 15 years.

The tips and build up of royalties pay off over time. It won’t cost you anything to post- and there is no guaranty that your work will be posted, but if your work is published then you stand a chance to build up royalties to pay off later and when you have set up the methods of being paid, you can even get ‘tips’.

How about books and short stories? When I was starting my writing life, there was no way for me to publish my work as I simply didn’t have the money to do so. Now, not only are there sites that will publish for you, but you can also publish on amazon. As an Ebook or paperback. There has never been so many options to put something out there- but I would strongly suggest you put out a few blogs first.

Putting it as nicely as I can, just because you can publish something, doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Someone other than you - who will be honest with you, needs to go through your work. Criticism isn’t bad. Failure isn’t bad- by far they are the best learning methods.


Let me start by saying, I do not go on gambling sites. Sure I enjoy poker and black jack- but I do these things offline. This being said, I am told constantly by co-workers that they have seen good payouts on the ‘Free’ slot machines.

For this I have got to stress, if you are going to do this, only play the freebies. Don’t put your money into this. Let’s face it, that’s what they want and the house always wins.

More than anything else, self control and discipline plays the biggest role here.

I know that if I play and I win, I’m very likely to put my money into and then loose everything.

So again, if you think you can do this, have the discipline to never to stop the moment your ‘free spins’ are gone.


… Have you finished laughing yet? Okay, Youtube is not the only video sharing platform out there. There are a few, like Cocoscope. Much much smaller platforms and you can get on all of them. Most people work their backsides off to get the small levels of success that they have. But let’s face it, most (if not all) of these money making ways depend on you putting the work in now for it to pay off later.

So what would you do? Well that one is on you. It could be as simple as Vlogs or even book reviews. You don’t need a high level recording set up- your phone is more than enough.

This also gives you a platform and that’s something I’ll go into more very soon.

Ambassadors and partnership.

This one could be a little harder, but if you can partner with an established company then this is something that could pay off very well. Clothing brands, speaker brands, food supplements and so on and so on- all these companies want brand ambassadors.

The reason for this? Well that’s simple. I can make an add and put it out there. But it won’t resonate with as many people as an actual brand ambassador out there.

Having your face on the product means more to a brand because the ‘human’ appeal is simply more valuable.’

Now in order for any of these to be really successful, you must advertise yourself. From a marketing stand point, social media is amazing for promotions. There are plenty of Free videos out there to help you with setting up and growing your social media. As your social media grows, your youtube, Facebook, instargram and so on, you will reach more and more people who could come to your platforms.

Practically all social media platforms are free to sign up with and they are waiting for you to promote yourself.

Social media manager.

I put this one last on the list for a very simple reason. I am a social media manager. I didn’t go to college to study this, I didn’t pay for a course. Instead, the skills I developed and picked up came from two simple places.

First, I looked at what other people who are successful are doing. What are they doing? Why aren’t they doing certain things? If a professional isn’t doing something then you have to ask yourself, “why aren’t they?”

Secondly, I’ve done (and still do) all the things I’ve listed. I learned to promote clothing and stories and short books and other brands.

Probably took a little longer than others- but it cost me nothing but time to learn. That investment has given me the skills to approach companies and say, “Hey, pay me this much every month and I will bring you customers.”

Now a lot of the time I offer to work for free for a month - and I always do my research on the company before I put that offer out there.

The result from this is very simple, now you are an advertiser. The difference between the person earning 600 a month from this and 5000 a month is the size of the company they work for.

Non of this will work over night. All of these will take time. But this is an investment in yourself, and you my friend, are most defiantly worth it.

Starting with zer0 cash, and grow it into something.

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