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Make Your Life Feel Like A Studio Ghibli Film

by Gina Chiriac 4 months ago in how to
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Studio Ghibli films are one of my favorites because they manage to make even the most basic stuff feel beautiful and fascinating

Make Your Life Feel Like A Studio Ghibli Film
Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash

For a long time, I've been enthralled by Studio Ghibli films, as have many others. Every time I watch one of the films, I feel like I'm learning something new. I always walk away wishing I could live my life a little more like the characters. So, if only for a brief while, imagine yourself as the main character in a Studio Ghibli film!

Gratitude for the small pleasures in life

Studio Ghibli films are one of my favorites because they manage to make even the most basic stuff feel beautiful and fascinating! We may appreciate the humdrum moments even when the films are packed with action. It's sometimes accomplished by demonstrating how delicious the food we take for granted in the cartoon appears. It's also done by displaying how nice it is to be enthused about something. Even the most banal things of their existence elicit enthusiasm from several of the characters. Shizuku from "Whisper Of The Heart" is one of my favorite Studio Ghibli characters since she is a writer (like me) pursuing her passion. Whatever your passion is, be proud of it! When you cherish each moment, even the most routine aspects of our lives become far more beautiful and relatable than we previously believed.

Look for beauty in everyday tasks as well.

As absurd as it may appear, watching Studio Ghibli films inspired me to improve my cooking skills! Everyone understands how difficult it is to watch these films without becoming hungry. However, the small bits in the film that would never be included in a Disney picture leave me feeling inspired. These simple scenes may appear bland or average by Disney's standards, yet these are what make Studio Ghibli films so lovable. A scene in Kiki's Delivery Service where she helps an elderly woman fix an ancient oven that she hasn't used in a long time is one of my favorites. She agrees to work overtime to assist, gathers firewood, and resurrects the old oven. She doesn't stop there, though! With pride, she continues to assist with extra responsibilities. She even appears to be having fun while demonstrating her abilities. I adore this scene and Kiki's pride in the household tasks she has mastered. She is pleased of her ability to start a fire, and I believe we should all give ourselves a little more credit for these small victories. When we perceive each chore as an accomplishment and something to be proud of, life becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Get in touch with Nature.

Without the lovely natural scenes, would it even be a Studio Ghibli film? You need to spend more time outside if you want to be the character in these movies that you were born to be. Just be outside for a while. Every time I watch one of these films, it reminds me how much more time I need to spend outside. Even if your neighborhood doesn't look exactly like the scenes in your favorite movie, it works. It's worth getting out in nature, even if it means walking to the park near your house!

The thing that these folks excel at is having a deep sense of gratitude for their lives. They savor every moment. The movies also have a lot of attention to detail. Each scene is gorgeous, and we wish we could live there. The important thing to remember is that we do! Life imitates art. We must recognize the ways in which our lives are already like a Studio Ghibli film in order to make them more like one! The more we see, the more we realize it! I hope you find these tidbits useful. They surely add to the magic in my life!

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