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Learn about the 3 most common weight loss training mistakes to avoid them

by Ninfa Bi 2 months ago in health
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When you face a training to lose weight it is common to make mistakes that spoil the effort you are making to get in shape

Avoid silly mistakes when training

Weight loss training is effective if you enjoy doing it, are consistent throughout the year and accompany it with a healthy lifestyle. However, those who start working out to lose weight often make silly mistakes that ruin the work they are doing to achieve the fit body they desire. Those three mistakes are: having unrealistic expectations, continuing to maintain unhealthy habits over time and little training.

When you make the decision to lose weight you have to face your lifestyle head on. You have to be honest with yourself and recognize the bad habits you have been keeping throughout the year. You probably eat when you are not hungry, smoke or drink alcohol in excess. Starting to exercise is a good decision to lose weight, because becoming agile leads you to evaluate and eliminate harmful habits that threaten your health and your aesthetic image.

Pay attention to the 3 most common mistakes made while training to lose weight.

#1.Unrealistic expectations

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You choose a physical activity to start losing weight: it can be running, swimming, cycling, taking dance classes, etc. You think that by training a couple of months a year you will be able to lose weight and achieve the fit body of your dreams. You have to train all 12 months of the year for the physical activity to positively impact your body to reach your desired weight. If you train a couple of months out of the year and the rest of the time you remain sedentary nothing you trained will work for you.

To avoid this mistake you must prioritize yourself, have enough self-esteem to face a serious training that will give you a fit body. If you become aware of the value of your body you will really start exercising and you will see that you will finally lose weight. You have to analyze yourself, maybe your lack of self-love leads you to sedentary lifestyles and bad habits.

#2. Bad Habits

Alcohol can destroy your workout routine

You are training to lose weight, but maybe you have certain bad habits that prevent you from losing weight. If you drink alcohol in excess you should know that it accumulates excess fat. If you smoke you have much less aerobic capacity to train, therefore you will lack energy to follow your fitness routine. If you sleep too little your body will not be sufficiently rested to face a fitness routine. Also keep in mind that the body gets in shape during rest. Getting a good night's sleep will help your workout routine finally tone your body. Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night and you will lose weight and get in shape.

#3.Little training

You must train 3 hours per week

You want to lose weight but you train less than three hours a week. The reality is that you must train at least three hours a week for your body to experience positive results. Keep in mind that you may be training too little because you don't like the physical activity you have chosen. If so, don't hesitate to change your training and do something that really motivates you to keep going. Choose a workout that you like and try to fit it into your schedule so you have no excuses to quit.

Basically if you want to look amazing, training should be part of your daily routine. If you are not willing to make a lifestyle change, you will have to resign yourself to an overweight body, lacking muscle tone and athletic beauty. You should know that sports discipline allows anyone to achieve a fit, slim, harmonious and aesthetic body. A toned body is not exclusive to celebrities, anyone can access it if they train throughout the year.


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  • Naty2 months ago

    Why some young women never achieve a slim body ?

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