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JustPlay: Money Earning App

by Pablina 10 months ago in tech · updated 4 months ago

Is JustPlay Legit?

JustPlay: Money Earning App
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JustPlay App - Earning Money on Your Phone. Is it legitimate?

Just a quick note before I start. All tips left will be donated to a charity very close to mine and my family's heart. Ronald McDonald House Charities. If you do decide to leave a tip for me.... Thank-you. ❤❤

I started using JustPlay 3 days ago after seeing it in my recommended apps on Google Play.

JustPlay had a lot of good reviews with people claiming to have actually cashed out via PayPal and Amazon among other vouchers.

JustPlay is an app where you can download games and earn points which accumulate for you to cash out. You can cash out every 24 hours,

So far I have cashed out $2 to PayPal and $7.80 to Amazon. Therefore it is definitely a paying app that is legitimate

However is is not quite clear as to how they work out what you get paid per day or what the equivalent points to cash is

There is a daily goal that you have to reach that starts with 1500 points and increases by around 250 points every day. SO far I have reached the daily goals quite easily to achieve my cash out, however I am not sure what happens if you don't reach it.

You may still earn money but are unable to cash out, or you may not earn anything at all. I am going to try this over the next few days to see what happens.

Payouts on the JustPlay are every 24 hours, as previously stated.

To cash out to Paypal though there is a minimum $2, so if you don't earn this there are other options such as Amazon vouchers in which you will receive a code to apply to your Amazon account. All three times I have redeemed so far, I have received the reward instantly.

You can also earn point by watching videos, which are actually ads. You earn 50 points per video you watch and are able to do this every 2 minutes, so you can easily achieve your daily points goal by watching videos alone, however it is more fun playing the games.

Update: I have been playing this for a few weeks now and I have found that although there is a minimum of $2 to cash out to PayPal, there is no minimum for Amazon vouchers. Therefore you can cash out every day. Redeem your Amazon vouchers and watch your Amazon voucher account grow!

You can also wait for a few days or so until you have enough to cash out to PayPal and cash out that way if you require. However with it being slightly unpredictable as to how much you earn based on points, that could take a while!

You can also earn by completing offers.

The range of games I have been offered on JustPlay has been pretty impressive so far. There are word games, puzzles, number games and more. Plenty to keep you entertained. It is also a good app to let your kids play on as the games are family friendly and simple.

Once you reach a total of $25 in cash outs you are also eligible for a $5 Welcome Bonus.

Other legitimate earning apps that I have found include:

  • AppStation
  • Cash'em All
  • A Happy Turtle
  • Cash Alarm.

The above apps all work by downloading games and you earn points for time played on each game.

I have cashed out on these apps numerous times to PayPal without issues and payment is usually made within 24 hours. Minimum payout to PayPal is $0.50.

You can also redeem various vouchers if you don't want to redeem PayPal cash or you don't have a PayPal account.

Vouchers include Amazon, ITunes and Starbucks.

Most of the games are fun to play but you have the added bonus of earning a little pocket money by doing so.

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See part 2 below. How much can you make?

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I have been writing and earning money online for 10+ years.

All tips left will be donated to a charity very close to mine and my family's heart. Ronald McDonald House Charities. If you do decide to leave a tip for me.... Thank-you. ❤❤

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