June 23 is National Pink Day

There are interesting facts about and ways to celebrate this colorful date.

June 23 is National Pink Day
Parade your pink on June 23.

There are an increasing number of little known holidays and special dates being revealed to us thanks to the Internet. Many of them come as complete surprises to the mainstream because they are not on the callendar and were not celebrated in days gone by. One such observance is quite colorful and takes place during the summer. June 23 had been designated as a very auspicious occasion known as National Pink Day. Before you conjure up wrong images, you may be surprised to find out that this date is probably not what you are thinking it to be. There was a time in modern society when it was fround upon for men and boys to wear pink.

It was once little girls only who were dressed in pink silk and lace with ribbons in hair and women often wore this color as well. It was considered as eccentric for someone to own a pink vehicle or paint their house in that color. Pink was considered as extravagant but today, for many, wearing or utilizing pink is no longer such an issue. I know couples who dress in pink right down to the stockings socks and shoes. Increasing numbers of men are boldly sporting attire with this color. Continue reading to find out about this colorful celebration.

Just the facts

One fascinating truth about the pink hue is that it can be found in many flowers. For this reason, if you are wearing this color it can also attract birds and insects. The verb “to pink” means to decorate with a punch or perforated pattern and this dates back to the 14th century. During this time the color pink was only seen occasionally in religious art and women’s fashions. There were also artists during this period whose work depicted the Christ child dressed in pink because pink was the color that was associated with the body of Christ.

The golden age for pink was called the Rococo Period which was betwee 1720 and 1777. This was when was it became popular to wear pastel colors in all the European courts. During the 19th century young boys could be seen wearing pink bows and in the 20th century Pink became much more assertive and was brighter and bolder. The term “ shocking pink” was introduced in 1931.

Think pink

Pink comes in numerous shades, and its meanings has many variations. In the 1920’s the term “pinko” was coined by the United States government to describe someone who was believed to be a communist. To be tickled pink indicates that something has pleased you eminently. To receive a pink slip indicates one has been dismissed from a place of employment. This phrase came about in 1915. In the pink – is a phrase that refers to someone who is in good heath, great condition or top form. To see pink elephants indicates one is hallucinating due to too much drink.

Pink elephants

Pink money, the pink pound or the pink dollar refers to the buying power of the LBGTQ community. A Pink-collar worker is someone working in a job that traditionally was regarded as women’s work. Pink comes I a variety of shades ftom dark to light and soft pastel. Pink is often worn in such a way it blends with lilac, lavender or white. It’s now not surprising to see people pair pink with red. This was a no no in decades gone by. Both my husband and oldest son have pink dress shoes and this was not heard of in the long past.

Observing National Pink Day

pink sky

On June 23, think pink all day long. Look up at the sky often and see how many times the clouds are pink. Wear pink clothing including hats, hair ribbons, sunglasses and other accessories. Carry a pink pocketbook or handbag. Men can sport a pink shirt, tie, and or pocket square. Be sure to use pink table cloths or paper cups. Make a cake and decorate it with pink icing. Plant some pink flowers, dye your hair temporarily pink. Use pink in your speech throughout the day. Change your Facebook profile photo to reflect something pink. Encourage children to color or do artwork in pink. Telling someone “Happy National Punk Day.” Paint your finger and of toe nails pink. Watch the Fisney cartoon Dumbo and enjoy sering the pink elephants on parade. Celebrate with pink balloons and banners or any way you choose. Drink pink lemonade or be creative and come up with your own ways to celebrate the day and whatever you do, just have some fun. Remember to think pink.

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Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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