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How to Transfer and Withdraw Funds Freely with Western Union

by CosCom Writers 4 years ago
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International Money Transfer

Western Union is the best option to transfer and withdraw funds around the world, especially in the process of withdrawing money in foreign currency such as dollars, euros and sterling. Despite the clear instructions on the official website of the bank, but several questions are still vague and non-clear transfer fees.

Are there really fees for receiving and withdrawing money? And what is the way to receive it? And the default conversion time? Then followed by many of the questions we will answer next.

Methods of Transfer and Receipt of Funds from Western Union

1. Cash pickup or Wire Transfer:

This means that the recipient can receive the funds personally without the need for a bank account. This is done through the nearest bank branch that supports Western Union transfers using the MTCN code. The currency is the same as the currency in which it was received.

2. Bank account

Used in the case where the roads transferred to him have an account at a bank, where the transfer will be directly to his bank account.

3. Switching by smartphone:

Unfortunately, this method is only available to East Asian countries where money is transferred and received by phone, for example, Vodafone Cash.

Free conversion

Use the following code FIRSTFREEAU when you register to receive a free transfer at the first time "when you transfer and not receive.''

How To Transfer And Receive Money

The following methods are available either through the website or through one of the supporting banks of the Western Union and with the same steps. However, if you transfer via bank branches, you will need to fill in some simple data and the process will be completed within minutes.

Transferring Through the Site Using the Wire Transfer Method

Sign up for Western Union.

Select the amount to be converted and the country to be converted to, then enter the name of the person transferred to it, and now the payment will be through your payment card.

Finally, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail, containing the transfer code or MTCN, save it somewhere and send it to the transferring party.

1. The receipt:

The time to complete the process is 1 to 3 days maximum and sometimes it is done at the same time.

After you go to the nearest branch you will need your national ID card or passport and MTCN code.

2. Transfer through bank transfers:

After registering on the site and entering the amount and country, you will need to enter the name of the first recipient and the last name used in his bank account and the bank account number so you must own the data and after the data vary from country to country so check the following conversion link.

The duration of the process is country-specific and the maximum is 3 days.

You will be directed to the nearest branch of your bank.

Transfer Fees and Receipt of Funds From Western Union Bank

Conversion in the same country is not imposed any fees at all and sometimes are imposed too low fees, check the official website for the costs for international transfers, as you can use the calculator fees from the website for accuracy.

Transformer Party

No fees are charged at all except in the case of a bank transfer. Sometimes a withdrawal fee may be charged by your bank, so check your bank's customer service.

Sending Party

If the pick-up method is selected by Way Transfer, a fee of $22 to $25 will be charged.

The transfer by EFT / ACH is another option available but the completion time of the process is 3 to 5 days, which is a fee of only $5.

Check-in Check-out No Charges are Charged, but the process takes from 10 to 15 days.

Note: In case of transfer from Freelancer, charges will be charged between 25 and 30 USD, but the transfer is done by Wire Transfer and not via Western Union, meaning that bank account must be available.

Bank's Western Union Locations, Branches and Customer Services

You can find out the nearest authorized bank branch via the official website, by selecting the country and searching by region name or zip code, and you should also choose whether the branch you want supports withdrawal or receipt of funds or both.

The unified customer service number is available on the website for the rest of the countries.

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