How to Support Small Content Creators

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6 steps you can take to help your favourite content creator.

How to Support Small Content Creators
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I am a fairly small content creator, and I’ve noticed a lot of people saying they don't know how to support us. They're worried they aren't doing it right or they aren't doing enough. So, here is an easy guide on how to support small creators.

1. Be active on their social media pages

The more engagement we get on our social media pages, the more people end up seeing our posts. Like every post you come across and leave a comment. Saving posts on Instagram also helps us out.

Engage with posts on all our social media platforms by liking, commenting, retweeting, saving and any other ways of engaging found on other platforms.

2. Visit their website and social media pages often

Engagement is important. Visiting a page or website tells the algorithm that people enjoy that content, and to show it to more people. Go to their website and social media pages periodically, as it helps SEO and boosts the pages for more people to see.

3. Share their content

Sharing does two things. Firstly, sharing may mean that the person you shared with will engage with the content. More people seeing our content is always good for us, so this definitely helps us out.

The other thing it does is tell the platform it's on that the content is shareable and to boost it. If you have multiple accounts, share posts made by content creators from one account to the other. That way, if you don't want to share the content with your friends or followers, you're still helping a content creators engagement.

These first three have been completely free ways to support a content creator. Some people make it seem like the only way to support your favourite content creator is to give them money, and that is simply not the case. However, giving them money is a good way to support them as well, and these next couple ways to support them will involve giving them money.

4. Support them through donations, or subscriptions like Patreon

Many creators have Patreon accounts, as well as links to where you can make donations, usually on Paypal. If you can, consider donating a bit of money. There are often lots of perks to joining a creators Patreon page, so if you're a fan of their work, see what their Patreon has to offer you.

For me, most of the money I make off my content is through my Patreon page. I also make some money through donations on Paypal and Kofi, and some money through Vocal.

5. Purchase merchandise, courses and ebooks

If a creator is selling something, chances are, they're earning money from it. Many creators make most of their money off of things like merchandise, courses and ebooks. Consider purchasing them to support your favourite creator.

Many creators also have affiliate links. Consider purchasing through them to help your favourite creator out, while making a purchase you would make anyway.

6. Listen to them!

Your favourite content creator knows best what they need. The most important way to support a content creator is by listening. If they say that buying an ebook would help them, then that is the best way to help them. If they say to like, comment or share, then that is what will help them.

Content creators know how the platforms we use work, how the algorithms works and how to make money off our content. The best way to support us is to listen to what we say will help.

So there it is. 6 ways to support content creators. The best things you can do are help boost our site and platform engagement, and purchase the products we sell. I hope that this has given you a better understanding of how to support content creators, and that you use this information to help people who are trying to make a living off their art.

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