How To Set Your Household Budget

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How to make a budget to last your through the month

How To Set Your Household Budget

You know how everyone hates millennials and says we’re all idiots right? Well, they seem to think that there’s not a single soul among us who knows how to run a house. Like our parents raised a bunch of useless morons. Not only is it rude, but it’s also not true. Plenty of millennials know how to set a household budget and plenty of people older than them still don’t know. So whichever category you might fall into, here’s how to set a household budget so you’re not constantly broke. 


This is by far the most important thing when it comes to budgeting if any kind. You need to get your priorities in the right order. Rent, gas, electricity, car, fuel and food payments should be top of the list. I know that car payments might not seem like a priority, but if you need your car to get to work, then they are definitely a priority. If you live in the UK, then council tax should be near the top of that list too, I’m not sure how it works in other countries. But if you miss council tax payments in the UK, they can call bailiffs in and that’s when the real trouble starts. 

Getting your priority bills paid first will give you a sense of relief, you’ll have a roof over your head and food in your belly. And anything other than that is a bonus (welcome to adult life by the way, where food in your stomach counts as a win) Anything left over from that needs to be allocated in order of importance. For example, if you have debts, they need to be next on the list.  Again, the last thing you want is people taking you to court or bringing the bailiffs in. If you owe other family members money, then you need to pay that back. Don’t be that person who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “borrow,” nobody likes that person. 

And once you have paid for everything you need, then whatever is left is for the things you want. If there is anything left.

Save Money On Your Food Budget

If you insist on having everything home-grown, organic and totally natural then that’s fine, if you can afford it. If you can’t, then you might have to lower your expectations a little. I always find that saving money on my food budget is easier than saving it from anywhere else. But it does require some cooking. If you don’t know how to cook, that’s what YouTube is for. Learning to cook will save you an absolute fortune. If you’re buying pre-cooked food, you’re paying for the convenience. Creating dishes from scratch works out much cheaper in the end! Buy basic ingredients like rice, pasta, oats etc as cheaply as possible. Paying more for them doesn’t make sense because they’re pretty much the same as the branded items.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If you happen to go over budget now and then, don’t stress too much about it. You’re a human being, it happens. Try not to make a habit of it because that’s when things can get really expensive. But what’s done is done, just try to minimise the damage to the rest of your budget. 

Keep Your Energy Costs Low

Keep Your energy usage (and bills) in check by thinking before you switch something on. If you’re only going into a room for a second and you can see well, do you need to switch the light on? You’re a bit chilly? Putting on a jumper/sweater is free, switching on your heating is not. Thinking carefully before you use anything can save money. This means you’ll have more money to spend on things you actually want, rather than heating your house. It really sucks spending money on something you can’t see. 

There’s No Shame In Struggling

Everyone wants you to think that they’re living their best life and have money to burn. But the truth is, life is expensive. Things cost a lot of money and sometimes they cost too much. If you’re struggling, then you need to talk to someone about it. Look online to see who can help you in your country or your area. Or if you have a supportive family, ask them for advice.Ignoring financial problems will only make them much worse. 

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