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How To Send Pictures on Tinder 2022 Update

by ubaid ullah 8 months ago in how to
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3 Methods To Send Pictures On Tinder 2022

How To Send Pictures on Tinder 2022 Update
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If you are a tinder app user then you probably have a question. How to send pictures on tinder? Tinder is an online dating application where you can make new friends, meet with new people, and even take on real-life dates. As a tinder user, you may want to see the real picture of your match or want to send pics of yourself to your match. There are some methods by which you can send pics on tinder.

The following are the methods by which you can send pictures on tinder easily.

Linkwith Spaces Method To Send Pictures On Tinder

Most tinder users use this method by sending the pics to tinder matches. Because this is too simple and safe. The following are the steps to send pictures on tinder using the linkwith the space method.

  1. Select the picture you want to send to your tinder match.
  2. Upload that picture to any social media OR any image-sharing sites.
  3. After uploading the picture, your picture's unique URL will be generated.
  4. Copy the link and paste it in Notepad, and make it linkwith space.
  5. Now inform your tinder match to copy the text, remove the spaces and then paste in the browser.
  6. Now if your tinder match pastes that on the browser and removes spaces, he/she will be able to see the pictures.
  7. This is the easiest and safe way to send pictures on tinder.

You can share your picture on image-sharing sites such as imgur or Tumblr and then share the linkwith spaces of that picture with your tinder match. But what does linkwith spaces mean? It's very simple, just copy the link, and after each dot make space so that the link becomes text. So before sending links make sure to make spaces after each dot, and it will be sent as a text to your tinder match. Then you can inform your match to remove spaces.

Update Tinder Profile Pics

Every social media or dating sites allow you to update your profile picture on your profile. Your profile picture is visible publicly meaning that everyone can see that. So, the picture you want to share with your match on tinder, upload that picture on your tinder profile. And your match would see that from your profile. Similarly, you can text your match to upload pictures on his/her profile that you want to see. To change the profile picture on tinder, follow the below steps.

  1. Tap on the profile icon on tinder, located at the top left corner for mobile users.
  2. Tap on the pencil icon which is edit profile.
  3. Tap on the plus icon, it will take you to the mobile gallery.
  4. Select the image and upload it.
  5. Your tinder match will now easily see the image you uploaded on your tinder profile.

Before uploading the profile picture on the tinder profile, you should first inform your tinder match. Because your profile picture is uploaded publicly, you can remove it if you want once your tinder match see it. Also don’t upload a picture that is inappropriate which makes your match uncomfortable so be respectful.

Ask For Contact

Tinder app allows the user to communicate through chat. So, if you have a tinder match you can request for an outside tinder platform contacts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. Make sure to ask respectfully for any contacts, by using kind words otherwise they won’t see you again. The more respectful you are, there will be a high chance that he/she will give contacts. Then you can use other social sites for sharing images.

So what method do you like most to send photos on tinder?

That’s all about how you can send pictures on tinder.

I Hope This Helps You!!

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