How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

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How you can save money and stay warm at the same time.

How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

The fact that you have searched about how to save money on your heating bills means winter is on its way. And it's just a guess, but I am going to assume that the utility companies have put their prices up again? Of course they have, and with the constant rise in the costs of gas and electricity, the cost of heating is on everyone's minds. And for some, they have to make the choice between heating and eating–not a decision anyone should ever have to make.

And whilst I can't make the heating free, I can show you a few ways to keep you and your home warmer for longer, and for less.


This is the ideal length for curtains

Most people think that curtains are just for keeping the light out, but they can do so much more. Thicker curtains can really help to keep cold air coming from the windows out of a room and keep the warm air in. If you can't afford to buy all new curtains (they're not cheap) then sew another piece of fabric to the inside to act as a liner or insulation; just do it as neatly as you can and pick a colour that coordinates with the curtains and the rest of the room.

Always keep the curtains closed when you're not using natural light in the winter; leaving the curtains open all the time lets so much warm air out and loads of cold air in!


If you don't have double glazing, talk to your landlord or housing association about getting it; if they refuse to accommodate, then look into a grant for double glazing if you are on a low income. In the meantime, carefully lay a couple of sheets of cling film or plastic wrap over the windows, smooth it out so it sticks down without bubbles. This should help insulate the windows a little bit to keep some cold air out.


Draught excluders are a cheap and easy way to help keep cold air out of a room. They can be bought for very little, or easily made yourself, and you would be amazed at how much warmer the room will be when you start using one.

Always make sure the loft/attic hatch is closed when you are not using it; hot air rises and it will rise into your open attic and be totally wasted. Plus, if it is cold up there then all the cold air will be let out into your lovely warm home.

The same thing applies to all unheated rooms that aren't being used, close the door and only open it when you need to.


Radiator maintenance will help keep them working efficiently, and this means bleeding them on a regular basis.

Stick a piece of tin/aluminum foil behind the radiator; this will help to deflect some warmth back into the room rather than have some of it be unnecessarily wasted to heat the wall.

Remove furniture from in front of the radiator, even if it is just a small chair or a table. Keep the radiator clear or most of the heat will be lost to heating whatever is in front of the radiator.

If you have curtains that hang to the middle of your radiator, fold them up a little bit and place them on the window sill to avoid their blocking the heat coming from the radiator.

If you dry things on the radiator, take them off as soon as they are dry, otherwise you will just be heating the clothes.


If I can avoid putting my heat on, I will, but it doesn't happen often because my wife is always cold. But I wear socks and a jumper if it is cold outside; this isn't always an option if you live with other people, but if you live by yourself and don't mind bundling up, you can save loads on heating. Always be safe, though, and don't make yourself ill for the sake of a few hours' worth of heating bills.

You Can Have Heat

You can save a lot of money on heating just by making a few changes to the way you heat your home and hopefully you will be able to stay warm without worrying so much about the costs.

Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond
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