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How To Remove Dark Circles At Home - 11 Remedies

What Causes Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

By My Life care ideasPublished 12 months ago 3 min read

The area of skin under your eyes seems darker if you have dark circles under your eyes. Depending on your natural skin tone, this area may appear in blue, purple, brown, or black tones. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you may look stressed out or older than you are.

Dark under-eye circles can occur for a variety of causes. They normally do not point to a health problem, though. Dark circles under your eyes are typically nothing to be concerned about. However, you might want to lighten your under-eye circles for skin conditions. Discover the cause of your dark circles so you can treat your skin properly. If necessary, consult your doctor.

What Causes Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

Dehydration: Lack of hydration can cause your skin to appear lifeless and pale. Your eyes may appear depressed, which can make the skin around you appear darker.

Allergies: When you are allergic to hazardous microorganisms, your body releases histamines, which can expand blood vessels. This makes them more noticeable on your skin and gives the area around your eyes a darker-than-normal appearance.

Sunlight: Prolonged contact with the sun might cause your skin to develop too much pigment. The skin surrounding your eyes may become discolored as a result of this.

Fatigue: Fatigue can result from sleep loss, mental and physical effort, or even from oversleeping. Dark circles under your eyes can be brought on by any of these. Sleep deprivation might eventually make your skin appear pale and make your eyes appear swollen. The dark circles may become more noticeable as a result. Possible shadows of puffed-up eyelids are dark circles.

Age: Dark circles typically develop as you get older due to excessive pigmentation. The skin around your eyes may thin out and lose collagen as you age. The dark blood vessels under your skin become more noticeable as a result.

Poor Diet: Dark circles appear as a result of eating processed, junk, and unhealthy foods rather than salads and fruits, which are rich in nutrients. Low hydration also causes the skin to appear shallow and dull, and it may lead to the development of these dark circles.

Computer Use: Spending extended periods in front of a computer or smartphone can cause eye strain and tension. This may also cause dark circles under the eyes.

Genetics: The issue of dark circles is frequently passed on from parents to their offspring. If you fit this description, the problem of dark circles cannot be fully resolved. But their numbers can be reduced with the right care and nutrition.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally? Home Remedies

Here are 10 natural home remedies for dark circles.

1- Almond Oil:

Almond oil might offer to ease puffiness and lighten dark circles beneath the eyes. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities are the reason for this. These naturally occurring substances may help the inflamed blood vessels that are causing the discoloration to constrict along with Vitamin E.

Dark circles can be minimized by mixing equal parts almond oil and vitamin E, applying the mixture gently to the affected areas right before bed, and cleansing the area with cold water first thing in the morning.

2- Cucumber:

How many of us have applied those slices of cucumber to our eyes while receiving a beauty treatment? Everyone has seen professionals do this. So, if you're wondering how to quickly get rid of dark circles, chill some cucumber slices for 30 minutes.

Remove them and apply them on your undereye circles. Before washing with cold water, wait 10 minutes. Your eyes will immediately feel more refreshed.

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