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How to Reach Your Biggest Goals Faster than the Speed of Light

How to Achieve Effective Results Fast

By Nour BoustaniPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

Light is the fastest particle in the universe; nothing can outrun it. Not until I found a way that makes you travel through billions of galaxies at speed a billion times faster than it.

Dear light, grab a seat, open your ears, and take notes on how to be crazy fast.

Today, I will teach you how to reach your goal at a hyper-speed that makes the most productive aliens wonder how to get 10% of your distance in a hundred times your period.

The method I will teach you today relies on seven mental tools you must adopt to reach significant goals with the least waste of resources and the most leverage of time and mental effort.

7 Mental tools to achieve your biggest goals fast

1. Set a clear goal with a short deadline

The fastest way to reach your goal is to be accurate with aiming at the right destination; most people run all over the place trying to achieve something in life without clarifying what it’s that they need to succeed.

If you want to make more money, set a specific amount of cash. To lose more weight, set a particular number; to have a better job, create a list of companies you wish to work with soon.

You also need to limit your goal to a short deadline; if I want to make $10,000, that’s a vague and unmotivating goal, but If I restrict it to $10,000 in three months, I set a countdown timer in my brain, and plant a seed to get results as fast as possible.

Your mind behaves like a machine; if you give it a command to make $1000 monthly, it will look for methods to make that amount precisely every month. Once it reaches $1000, it stops, even if it’s only the middle of the month.

If you tell your mind I need to find a $10,000 deal, it will look for a different method to get that $10,000 in a single sale.

Those are two different ways to make money; a single person with the same brain matter can achieve two different results in the same period.

That’s why most people don’t make over tens of dollars on the internet because their income goals are limited to vague and small goals setting.

Time equals money and value; every opportunity will cost you time and resources. If you spend your month thinking about how to make $1000, you waste 43,200 minutes not thinking about or working on opportunities to earn $30K in that same 30 days.

2. Multiply your goal by 10X or shorten its deadline by half

To achieve your destination fast, you must make it look tiny compared to a much bigger plan. Multiply your last goal by 10X or shorten the period to accomplish that goal by half.

Instead of heading to $10,000 in three months, make it $100,000 in three months or $10,000 in 45 days.

This goal resetting approach makes your first goal look like an ant compared to the second one; it motivates and transforms your thinking high above the beginners and small thinkers level.

You must compete on a bigger scale to achieve your goals, elevating your thinking and problem-solving level. Leveraging this mental trick doesn’t mean you will achieve your big goal in 45 days, but your focus is now on a much bigger reward.

You don’t punch harder by looking at someone and hitting with more force; you punch harder when you imagine yourself smashing through their brain and getting your fist to the other side of their dumb skull. K. O Mortal Kombat mode.

3. Use the first principle method to find the most fundamental elements to reaching your goal

Humans spent thousands of years trying to get answers and create products to fundamental problems through tons of trial and error.

The modern thinking models changed and pushed the entire human civilization thousands of years into the future in less than 100 years.

Both were and are solving problems to get results, but they differ in their approach, affecting their speed of reaching their goals.

The engine behind the modern improvement is the scientific approach to finding a solution to a problem; scientists call it the first principle method of problem-solving.

The first principle is deconstructing everything to its fundamental elements and then analyzing it from start to end.

Scientists build the most advanced and expensive tools to deconstruct atoms to their quarks and leptons level to understand the purpose of the creation.

They don’t manifest; they don’t guess; they don’t create more useless things. They understand the fundamental components of an object and find how it works, then build models that replicate the same behavior.

Most people look for methods to reach their goals at a surface level; they seek tactics that solve minor problems and seldom understand the root elements of solving their issues and getting the maximum outcome.

To make money, you don’t need tactics; you need to understand the psychology behind how people buy and then sell what they like to them. To lose weight, you don’t need a list of diet tips; you need to understand how your metabolism functions and work around it.

4. Learn from the best or hire the best to achieve your goal

Once you clarify your purpose, scale it, and understand its fundamental structures, you must reach it quickly. There is no point in planning and goal setting if you don’t get there.

The most effective method to reach your goal quickly is learning from or hiring the best experts you can afford.

Suppose I want to be the best investor. In that case, I don’t need to learn from tons of YouTube experts, I can head to the Warren Buffet videos library on YouTube and shareholders’ letters, and I can understand 99% of effective investing.

A faster approach is to hire Warren Buffer to invest on my behalf; if he has done it successfully for decades, why would I spend years trying to achieve 10% of what he has done?

Many entrepreneurs try to do all things by themselves and expect to achieve massive success in a short period; that’s wishful thinking.

To get to your goals fast, don’t be cheap; invest in learning from the best or hiring them, but don’t waste your time guessing or doing everything yourself.

5. Build a complete system around your goal and master its parts

To achieve your big goals fast, you have to be a system thinker rather than an old computing machine; a system thinker considers all the equation details instead of only seeing a single piece of it.

To succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to find the right product and have a great content strategy around a profitable niche, a consistent source of traffic, and a network of partner websites to build authority around your domain.

It would be best if you also have a profitable business model that makes it worth your effort and generates enough to sustain your expenses until you create enough income with your affiliate business.

Once you understand the system, you break it down into parts and master each piece separately.

You might need to hire writers to write your blog, then find which type of writer you need to hire and where to find them, but this requires you first to know which kind of content to write to sell more products which in return requires you to understand which niche makes the most money.

Referring a luxury apartment to a premium buyer or a life insurance package differs from earning a small commission on referring a microphone to an online game player.

You must consider all the parts of your system and connect them before executing your plan.

It makes little sense to reach partners if you have no traffic or hire writers who do not know what products sell the most.

The more you understand your system and its components, the faster you can get results. Getting results is a matter of execution; execution is only a matter of the right intensity of effort, amount of money, and type of people combined.

6. Focus on growth, not perfection

To reach your goals fast, you must adapt to the growth method, not the perfectionist mindset.

Corporates like Amazon and Netflix grow fast because they act from a startup mindset and focus on gaining more customers than anyone else in the competition. That’s a growth mindset at its highest level.

To grow fast, you must ignore self-doubt, hesitation, or lack of confidence. Your goal isn’t to be the best but to be the most distributed or reach the top edge of your possibilities.

Once you get big, you get all the resources to achieve much more significant results with better quality and at a much larger scale than the goal you began with at the start of your journey.

7. Compete with everyone, including yourself

Compete, compete, compete with everyone, with humans, animals, robots, aliens, and yourself.

Life is a battle, like it or not; if I don’t compete to get your attention, I don’t get paid no matter how hard I work.

If the other person fights hard and kicks my ass, grabbing your attention while I’m being all cute, soft, and friendly, they will eat the best beefsteak at the best restaurant while the best thing I can afford is falafel wrap from some guy at the corner of some dirty street.

You must eliminate, destroy, and win over your competition when you compete. No mercy, total domination mode; if not, your competitor will, and if both of you won’t do it, a savvy and hungry one will eat you together alive.

This attitude doesn’t mean you intentionally harm your competitors or use unethical methods to get them out of business; if you do that, you are a bully and a loser, not a champion.

Michael Jordan and Koby Brians eliminated the competition not because they were good players or because they bullied other players but because they were the best players in basketball of all time.

They made it so hard to compete with them that other players dismissed the idea of competing with them altogether.

When you compete at a high level, you can freeze time and transport in space much faster than the rest of the people around you.

Stay friendly on the surface, but deep down your heart, carve the word competition with yourself and the rest of the universe.

Learn how to adopt the mindset of a champion, and you will reach the most significant goals you can dream of even faster than light itself.

That’s all!

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