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How to Make Money Writing on Quora Spaces?

by Aamir Kamal 5 months ago in how to

Introducing the Quora Space earning program and how to make more money from your Quora Space?

Quora Space earning proof of my Space that has over 130K followers right now

How to make money Writing on Quora Spaces?

Quora spaces are new community feature on Quora introduce someone and a half year ago. The first one who joined this beta test is the lucky one who grow their Quora Spaces to over 100K+ followers. I got this opportunity to create a Quora Space over a year ago and now my Quora Space has over 130K+ followers. I have made over $11 writing on my Quora Space but if you try later harder you can generate $100 a month writing on your Quora Space.

Quora Space earning program:

Quora space earning program is a program For Quora Space owners to make money while showing ads on the content they published on their own Quora Space. Almost every social media site has a community feature and this is one of the best things about Quora Spaces that they give you some portion of earnings from the ad-clicks generated on your site.

They have launched the Quora Space earning program to every country but if you are living in a country where Stripe is available then you are in luck and you can start earning and receive your Quora Space direct on your Stripe account.

Step-by-step Guide to be included in Quora Space earning program:

1. Go to Quora and create your own Space.

2. Click on the earning tab and select your country. If you are living in a country where Stripe isn’t available then you have to wait till stripe launched in your country.

3. Click “Next” and now you can start making money from your Quora Space.

4. In the next process, you have to make $10 which is the minimum threshold to make money from your Quora Space.

5. Then, when you reach $10 a Quora moderator will review your Quora Space so that it is in accordance with the Quora Space guidelines.

6. Upon getting approved, the next step will be to attach your bank account through Stripe and money will directly flow to your Quora Space.

7. Boom. You are done with the process. Now, every time you make more than $10, you will get paid directly on your bank account through Stripe.

That’s the whole process of joining the Quora Space earning program. I have a Quora Space that is generating over $1 a week, even though I don’t update it that much because the incentive is too low for anyone to spend time.

How to increase your Quora Space earnings?

Following are some of the tips for anyone who wants to make more money from her Quora Space:

  1. Write more post and answers: Content is the cornerstone in the social media. The more content you produce, the greater number of views it will get and so the more ad impression which will translate to more earnings. The same thing is true for making more money on your Quora Space.
  2. Add more Questions: Quora Spaces will generate you more money even if someone else writes an answer published on your Quora Space. This is great because all you have to do is to add more Questions and request 25 people your Questions. I find great success in this methodology.
  3. Target rich niches: Some niches or topics will pay you higher. Geography is also a big factor here so if you want to make over $2 per 1,000 views then the best way is to target traffic from countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Quora Space is one of the coolest things on Quora and you can also add your blog links or anything you have to promote. It is more open and non-moderated pages on Quora. My Quora Space is growing at the rate of 5K followers per week and it generates me over 1,000 views to my blog and email signups.

Interesting way to make money from your Quora Space:

An affiliate blogger contacted me who want to promote his book, I charged him $50 for 5K views on my Quora Space. All I have to do is to just pin his post on my Quora Space and he was happy to get featured. This is how you could make big bucks writing and monetizing your Quora Space.

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Aamir Kamal
Aamir Kamal
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