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How to install awnings

by Furqan Ashiq 6 months ago in house
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Awnings are an effective way to help maintain the temperature inside and outside your home.

Awnings are an effective way to help maintain the temperature inside and outside your home. You can attach an awning to your windows so that the temperature remains cool in the summer, on the other hand, it will act as an extra layer of insulation over the winter months. You can also have awnings in the garden for extra comfort. Awnings essentially build shade without building any complex structures.

You can install different types of awnings, including retractable, portable and even motorized.

With Mill Reef, you don’t have to worry about installing the awning itself, as we do it all for you! We will make a bespoke awning that fits all of your requirements.

Preparing to install the awning

Firstly, we make the measurements

To ensure that we get the right awning for you, we will visit the location where you would like the awning to be fitted and take some measurements. We will measure around the door or window you would like the awning to be fitted to and have a friendly chat with you about what fabric you would like, the design you prefer and answer any of your questions.

We will then mark where the awning will be

We will then measure the awning and find out where the exact centre of the awning is. When we have found this exact centre, we will match it up to the awning location. For example, if the awning was to go above a door, we would mark the centre of the doorway where the centre of the awning will be.

How we will install the awning

Step 1

Our friendly team will start installing the awning by drawing a straight line where the awning will be installed. Two or three people (depending on how big the awning is) will then lift up the awning into the correct position to see where the awning should be installed. To ensure that the awning goes in the correct place, we will mark where the awning will be and draw a line all the way underneath the awning from each end. We make sure that we consider where the brackets will be before lining the centre of the awning up to the centre of the door. We will use a level to make sure that the line is straight and perfectly horizontal.

Step 2

We will then plan out where the brackets will be placed. We will mark each side of the wall where the brackets should be. Depending on how big the awning is, there will typically be 2 or 3 brackets that will need to be installed. After marking where the brackets will be placed, we will then hold the brackets up and draw around them more thoroughly. They will then be in a completely accurate position, ready to be drilled into. Just before drilling the brackets into the wall, we then need to make sure that the brackets line up perfectly, we will do this using a tape measure.

Attaching the awning

Step 1

In this step we will drill holes for the mounting bracket screws. The holes we drill will vary depending on what awning you decide on. We will choose the correct drill bit and equipment to make sure that the awning is installed correctly.

Step 2

We will then install the brackets using screws to attach it into place. We may need to use washers too, depending on the material we are drilling the awning into. We will then make sure that the brackets are symmetrical by using a level.

Step 3

Providing that all the steps have been completed accurately, we will then move onto the next step. Lifting the awning up, we will slide the awning into the brackets, making sure that it is level and provides a snug fit. The awning should not stick out of the bracket, it should fit perfectly. If the awning does stick out, we may have to repeat the first steps again, making sure that all measurements are done properly.

Step 4

Using screws and bolts, we will attach the awning to the brackets through the bar and over the bar to make sure that it is fully secured. There shouldn’t be any room for the awning to move, it should be exactly in place.

Step 5

We will then test the awning by extending it outwards and enjoying the shade from the sun!

If you would like some awnings fitted in or around the London area, get in touch with Mill Reef signs today.


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