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How to Improve Concentration

by Ronnie Deboer 3 years ago in how to
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It’s for practical purposes that people want to learn how to improve concentration.

The ability to marshal all mind and body energies, and focus on one task, thing, or project in particular has immense benefits, and a great positive impact on the individual’s life. If you search for methods on how to improve concentration, it means that your mind is constantly assaulted by a great number of thoughts, or that you try to do several things at the same time without too much success.

How to Improve Concentration—Avoid Distractions

There is a constant buzz inside our heads that does not stop at all. Most people are not even aware of it. I’ll give you a very conclusive example, and a test for you: what do you think of when you eat? Some people eat in front of the TV, at their computer desk, or in the company of family or friends (usually talking). If you are alone, you eat mechanically as your mind rambles on about your next business plan, your vacation, or your family problems.

Do these sound familiar? I’m sure they do. If you search online you’ll see that most tips suggest that you keep thoughts under control to actually find out how to improve concentration. Yet, your thoughts escape control in most of cases, and that method could prove a waste of time.

Eliminate tension or stress from your body and mind!

If you feel tense on a regular basis, and you live like the clock is ticking just for you, then, you need to break the vicious circle of daily stress at least once a day. Here are some examples of exercises to do in the morning before going to work.

  • Get into your room, turn the music loud and jump, dance, sing, scream, laugh, or even cry. The important thing is to move or act as chaotically as you feel without any control or restraint.
  • Go out for a jog early in the morning, and run as fast, and as far as you can (within your limits).

The effects of such a ‘crazy’ morning exercise will be felt right away. There is usually so much peace and quiet in your mind, a feeling of emptiness and relief as if a great weight has been removed from your shoulders. It becomes a lot easier to work and stay focused afterward, once the tension has been eliminated.

How to improve concentration with positive thinking.

Positive thinking is an immense help for those who want to live a more fulfilled and rewarding life. Focusing on bright, happy memories can help you go through very tough times. The human mind has a very unpleasant way of accumulating bad events, and maintaining them vivid in your memory.

We’ll remember a fight with a friend, the boss, or the spouse for days, weeks, or years, yet we won’t treasure the most beautiful sunset we’ve seen, or a child’s smile. Focusing on the bright side of life does tremendous good for mental health. Even if you are assaulted by problems and thoughts, and you can’t focus on a specific task, you can find your way by evoking a happy memory, and reliving it in detail.

The key here would be that you exercise the ‘happy’ memory, and try to remember and relive the positive emotion over and over again, as many times as you can throughout a day.


The techniques and suggestions I’ve exemplified above work great, yet you may need more. By being brief, I’ve tried to capture their essence, while also inviting you to explore this subject on your own. For further reading you can check ‘chaotic meditation,’ or ‘active meditation’ by OSHO to learn how to clear your mind, and learn how to improve concentration, and existence, ultimately.

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Ronnie Deboer is an Android developer. He graduated from the University of Arizona. He works at android installs service as a freelance writer, and at an IT company as Android developer. He's keen on technology.

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