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How To Heal Tennis Elbow With Exercises?

by John Miller 8 months ago in health
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Specific exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles attached to the injured tendon will help with the healing process.

Tennis elbow is caused when the tendons around your elbow become inflamed. It can be treated at home using rest, ice, and pain relievers if caught early enough. The majority of these exercises are performed on the wrist and fingers, which gently stretch the muscles and tendon in your elbow and forearm. Slowly strengthening your forearm muscles relieves the pressure on the elbow tendons, which allows them to heal.

While some exercises can be done at home, it is a good idea for others to visit physical therapy to get the best exercise plan for you and ensure that you do them correctly.

1. Wrist Extension

Keep your arm straight in front. As if you are signalling for someone to stop, raise your hand.

Your other hand should be used to pull your fingers towards your body gently. For about 15 seconds, hold the position and then release. Repeat the process five times. Be gentle. Do not pull on your fingers too hard and avoid sudden movements.

2. Flexion of the wrist

This exercise is performed with the opposite hand movement to a wrist extension. Keep your arm straight in front of your body, and bend your wrist towards the floor. Continue to gently press your fingers against your body with your other hand. For about 15 seconds, hold this position and then release. Repeat this 5 times per day.

3. Ball squeeze

This exercise involves a ball, but you could also use a rolled-up sock or a stress ball. You can hold the ball in one hand, but you should not squeeze too hard. You must hold the position for 10 seconds, then let go. Repeat the process 8-12 times per day.

4. Finger Stretch

Wrap an elastic band around your thumb and the tips of your fingers. You can open and close your fingers by using your finger strength 10 times. After a rest, you can do two more sets.

5. Curl at the elbow

You should place the middle of the exercise band under your foot. Then, you need to position the exercise band in front of you to stand with one foot in front of the other. Hold the handles in your hands with your other arm at your side. Pull the band up, only bending at your elbow. Keep your upper arm close and your wrists straight. Hold the handle in place for a few moments. Lower your arm, do this 10 times. After a break, you can do two sets.

6. Forearm Twist

Place your affected arm on a table and rest it along the tabletop. Your hand should be facing the ground. You should hold a heavy object, such as a hammer or a fork, that is sturdy and not too heavy. Slowly, extend your forearm and lift the object towards the ceiling. Keep your arms flat on a table. Once you have reached the ceiling, turn your forearm to lift the object. Then move the object back down. You can repeat this 10 times. After resting for a minute, you can do two more sets.

7. Wrist Deviation

As you sit at a table, twist your forearms and place your hand on the side. Now, turn your palm so that it faces the side. This is to make it appear you are about shaking hands. Keep your arm straight up on the table and raise your hand in a shaking motion. Repeat this 10 times. You can rest and then go back one more time. This exercise can be repeated several times per day.

8. Wrist Curls

Place your hand on the table, palm facing the ceiling. Slowly raise your hand and curl at the wrist while holding a weight of 1- to 2 pounds. This process can be repeated about 10 times, as in the wrist deviation. A filled water bottle can also work if you don't own a dumbbell.

9. Bicep curls

Place your legs in front of you on a chair. Place your hand on your thigh and palm your weight towards the ceiling. Slowly raise your weight and hand up towards your chest while keeping your elbow on the thigh. Do this 10 times. Then, stop and rest.

For a week, do a few of these activities each day. Each week, add a different exercise. You might also wish to swap between them. You shouldn't do every exercise daily. Doing too many exercises too quickly can further stress your arm, causing damage to the soft tissues. They won't heal.

When Your Tennis Elbow Program is Complete. You can rest assured that your elbow will be painless, and your backhand will be stronger than ever.

This is because your muscles aren't as strong or flexible as they should avoid sports injuries. Talk to your doctor or therapist about how to keep your elbow healthy for more information according to your specific injury and problem.


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