How to Grow Sweet Peppers

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A guide to the steps to grow sweet peppers.

How to Grow Sweet Peppers
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I may not be a great expert on gardening, but there are a few things that I know from all the time that I have spent trying to grow, and then growing colored sweet pepper plants. I am going to share this knowledge with you here.

Patience is Key

One of the main things to remember with any gardening is that it takes time for things to grow; whether it is sprouting from seeds, or getting the color on a pepper, it all takes time. So remember this, and be patient as you start a garden.

Where and in what

Knowing where you are going to plant your peppers and what kind of soil is key. For peppers, you want a lovely dark rich soil that isn’t too dry and sandy but also isn’t clay. The potting mix that you buy at a garden center is a good bet for nice soil. If you don’t have that kind of soil, then looking at growing them in something like a planter rather then the ground might be a good idea. You want your planter to be fairly deep, at least 4 inches just to give them some nice room for their roots.

pepper seedlings in a planter

What kind of peppers

So using the pepper seeds from the grocery store is probably not the best idea for most people. Look into the climate that you have and see what kind of pepper would be the best. If you are growing them indoors you have a wider variety of options, but if you are growing them outside then make sure that you are making smart choices about what kind of pepper seed you want.


So should start your peppers by sprouting them. This means that you take your pepper seeds and put them into a small container with soil. Then you water them daily and wait for them to sprout. Now there are some plants that are relatively quick at sprouting and may only take a few days. Peppers are not one of these. They can take well over a week or even two to sprout, a little slow getting started. Also, every seed you plant may not be actually grow into a plant, so don’t bw afraid to plant too many seeds, you can always give away the leftover seedlings.


Seed leaves vs. real leaves

So when a plant sprouts it sprouts with something called seed leaves. Those first leaves that come out are leaves, they just aren’t the same type of leaves like all the rest that the plant will produce. They are special. So when you see those first leaves, be happy your plant has sprouted and you have new life, but don’t rush to transplant it into your container or garden just yet. Wait for the second set of leaves to grow, the first set of true leaves, then transplant the plant. Being transplanted is hard on the plant, so you shouldn’t transplant it until you are more sure it will survive. If this means waiting a day or two more before you transplant, just wait.

bottom are seed leaves, top are real leaves

You should water once a day every day as you wait for it to sprout and after it had sprouted, but you should continue to do this after you move, especially the day you move it, and a couple of days after that. Then water it regularly and if it starts to droop water it more each day. If you have a planter with water in the bottom make sure it’s full and check it regularly as your plants grow.


Depending on your love of different colours just wait until they are the colour you like and harvest them. All peppers begin green and get their colours, so just wait and water and you should be getting beautiful peppers soon.

home grown peppers

Tamara Iwanchyshyn
Tamara Iwanchyshyn
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