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How to Get One Week's Worth of Groceries for Free

by Joe Dorish 13 days ago in food

This is a Great Way to Save Money Annually

How to Get One Week's Worth of Groceries for Free

Would you like to get one week's worth of groceries for free? It's really very easy to do these days thanks to our great financial system which breeds competition among our biggest institutions.

Both Capital One (Savor Card) and TD Bank, among other credit card companies, are now offering credit cards which payback to users 2% for all purchases at grocery stores. Paypal even has a credit card which pays back 2% for all purchases.

Most of these credit cards also offer excellent sign-up cash back up bonuses. Most will give you something like $150 cash back after you spend $500 within the first three months of activating the card.

If you are going to use the card anyway to buy groceries you are sure to spend over $500 over the first three months and you will get an extra $150 cash back. Hard to beat a deal like that.

How to Get One Week's Worth of Groceries for Free

So to get a free week's worth of groceries just sign up for one of those three credit cards or any other credit card which will give you 2% cash back at grocery stores.

Every time you buy groceries use your 2% cash back credit card. No matter how much money you spend per week at the grocery store over the course of a year you will earn more than enough cash back at a 2% rate to earn yourself one week of free groceries.

Here's the simple math showing how it works. Let's say you spend $100 a week on groceries. That's $5,200 a year. Multiply $5,200 x .02 = $104 in cashback a year. That's more than the average of $100 you spend per week on groceries.

It does not matter how much you spend on average per week on groceries. By getting 2% cashback on those purchases over the course of a year you will end up with more than enough cashback money to get one free week of groceries.

Just make sure you pay your credit card bill each month in full and on time so you are not charged any interest or other fees. Make the financial system work for you and get one free week's worth of groceries per year by being smart.

Note: Some credit cards offer higher than 2% cash back when buying groceries. However, most of those credit cards have annual fees and restrictions which apply. For example.

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card actually pays users 5% cashback but only if they shop for groceries at Whole Foods or on the Amazon website. And you have to pay the annual Prime membership fee. This is a great deal if you do all of your grocery shopping at Whole Foods and or on the Amazon website. If you shop at any other grocery stores with this credit card you only get 1% cash back.

The Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express actually pays you 6% cash back at grocery stores. However, that is only for the first $6,000 you spend, after that the cash back at grocery stores drops to 1%. Plus this credit card has an annual fee of $95.

The Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express offers you 3% cash back at grocery stores and does have an annual fee. Sounds like a great deal but, again, they limit the 3% cash back to the first $6,000 you spend and then the cash back drops to 1%. If you don't spend more than $6,000 a year on groceries this a great deal.

If you really want to save than use this card for your first $6,000 on groceries every year and then switch to one of the 2% cash back cards for the rest of the year.

Joe Dorish
Joe Dorish
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