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How to Defrost The Car Windows Faster

by Nora Huber 5 months ago in how to
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How to Defrost The Car Windows Faster
Photo by Danny Sleeuwenhoek on Unsplash

A common problem in winter is freezing and misting car windows. If when you are not on the run, this would not be a major stress, what do you do when you are already late, the child is no longer in the back seat, and you can imagine how hard it will be to drive and how much Will you waste time in traffic, and with the defrosting and demisting of the windows?

The question is, how do windows thaw and defrost faster? Here are some tips that can help you find the best solution for defrosting your car windows promptly.

Turn on the heat and get out of the car while it warms up.

It is much more efficient. Open the driver's window a little, so that the air is fresh when you get in the car.

You can try a special liquid for the frozen windshield. But NEVER use boiled water! You risk buying another windshield.

If you can, you can easily leave a window open at night. That way, they won't freeze. The risk is, however, that when starting the car you will have trouble with the steam windows.

Regarding the fogging of the windows, you can try two options: either heat the window or reduce the humidity inside the car.

To heat the window, use the car's heater at full speed and make sure that the ventilation is set to the demisting mode, more efficient because it directs the airflow to the windshield and side windows.

Also, don't forget to turn on the rear window (and possibly the mirrors) to warm up as soon as you start the engine. To reduce the humidity, either open the window or turn on the dehumidification option of the air conditioning system.

How to prevent freezing and fogging of windows

We all know that prevention is better than cure, so you can try these methods to prevent freezing and misting your windows:

  • wipe the windows with a solution of vinegar and water (three parts vinegar to one part water).
  • cover the windows with a blanket (or with a special foil that prevents frost).
  • use a special antifreeze solution for windows
  • wipe the windows once a week. Dirty windows steam much faster than clean ones because dirt attracts moisture.
  • avoid wet things (umbrellas, wet sports clothes), and if it snows, shake your boots well before getting in the car.

When do you use the squeegee? And when is the solution?

After you start the car and the air conditioning, the defrosting of the exterior follows. If you want to go fast, you have to clean the windshield yourself. You can wait a long time for it to thaw on its own. If the telescope defrosts electrically, you will escape quickly.

But you have work to do on the windshield. You have two options: the squeegee or the special de-icing solution. Which one do you use? Simple: if it's thick ice, use a squeegee. If it is thin and is taken with your finger or nail, use the solution.

Before you go, don't forget to clean the wings. It would be best to do it when you get home, not when you leave. But you will most likely forget.

Remember, however, to do this at least when you leave. When you have finished cleaning the windows, take a few easy walks near the wheels, where the mudguards are, to get rid of excess snow and ice.

Not only will you have a lighter weight of a few pounds, but you won't confuse the drivers behind you when the ice and snow will come off while driving and stay on the road like boulders.

It's not as difficult as it seems, don't you think?

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