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How to become a Celebrity

by Tashara Tarver about a year ago in how to

Always wanted to become a celebrity but never knew how? Well here is how.

How to become a Celebrity
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Becoming a celebrity

We have always thought about how or wanted to become one in some way at one point in our lives. So why not do so?

One thing I noticed about celebrities is they are always in the latest news, fashion, music, and more. They all have access to what is new or what is trendy and sometimes even set those trends most the time right? So why not set trends and not just be a celebrity but carry yourself like a celebrity because you are one.

The first step is believing and trust me I believe you are. So spend time repeating to yourself "I am a Celebrity" or "I am a celebrity because everyone loves me and I love myself" One thing I have noticed is that if you want to build and audience and following not just in social media but in life is to give benefits to peoples life. I mean everyone love to watch other peoples lives but why not give them something in return such as positivity laughs, love, guidance, motivation, tips on anything of expertise or just advice in general. You would be surprise how much influence people have from others people and much trust when getting to know them.

So be sure to let them get to know you as little or as much of personal life that you want but let them do so. One thing with the Kardashians is they leave out not much. You get insight on day to day so give people that. It will do wonders but showing personal is a must.

Another way to being a celebrity is consistency so you have to upload videos, pictures...your taste in you favorite music, you may think no one cares but many would love to know to have more in common with you and listen to what you like to share that with you. With consistency you must do the same on all platforms because reaching the many different people on all and being updated is what they love and if they don't follow you on the other trust soon they will look for you on all social media.

One very important thing to becoming a celebrity is you image. Yes you knew it was coming your "image" which we know now in 2020 this is you brand. When you are a self brand this will give longevity. I would rather by thousand dollar pants from you that recommended it and ware them and look nice in them than from a model on the website of the brand. Not much connection and how will I know if they are not only legit but how it fits on a real person or if they are trusting. If i have you a made celebrity who is real i feel safer as you always give love and positivity and the best of the best and care about me and your followers I will buy and trust your opinion and I watch it everyday anyways. Anyways you finding a stylish look that you must wake up and apply everyday is a must. Even just your style can be a brand for you. Say I follow you for travel but you are different you have straight hair and really dark skin compared to the beach curls and tan skin that the others all have in common in the niche. Brand yourself and dress and be this image almost everyday and don't use a fake image use your image that is you so that way you always feel comfortable and it feels authentic.

Most of all have fun and act like it for your friends who can see you online because if you don't make it fun it will be a waste being a celebrity. So get an image, be yourself, give back to your followers or friends, and be consistent at documenting your daily life.

Remember you are a celebrity on the rise.

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Tashara Tarver

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