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How Much Money You Should Charge From Users As Onlyfans Creator? Discussing Various Factors

by Aamir Kamal about a year ago in social media · updated 10 months ago
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How much money should I charge on my OnlyFans if I’m not that good-looking? discussing various factors for deciding your Monthly subscription charges.

How Much Money You Should Charge From Users As Onlyfans Creator? Discussing Various Factors
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The Onlyfans business model is subscription-based. There are a lot of creators who choose to monetize their Onlyfans page by getting paid followers. There are some Onlyfans creators who provide content for free. We have listed down 21 free Onlyfans creators to follow. If you are planning to make money on Onlyfans then choosing a subscription fee is very important.

If you are an Onlyfans creator then you might be wondering what should be the amount of money you charge from users; before you just decide a number, you should keep something in mind, charging more could reduce the number of followers, charging very low could get your more followers but you will make less money. In this article, we will discuss the practical implications and other ways you can make money by introducing your fans on Onlyfans.

Social media following could be the No.1 deciding factor for knowing how much you should charge on Onlyfans:

If you have a following in Millions, you should think about your Onlyfans subscription a bit high. Bella Thorne has 22 Million Instagram followers, she is charging $20 per month subscription charges. She is pulling millions of dollars every month from Onlyfans. This is kind of regular money. Onlyfans subscription is recurring. This is the good thing about Onlyfans as it gives you recurring money.

If you haven't a big social media following, you have less exposure and so fewer people might subscribe to your Onlyfans account. This is why having great social media could help you get more subscribers even if you are charging more money. But, there are some Olyfans creators who have a big following on Instagram but still, they are charging more, is this strategy helpful? We have discussed this question in detail in the next section.

Charging high Vs Charging low monthly subscription: Pros and cons:

A lot of users don't subscribe or follow your Onlyfans if you are charging above $10. If two creator with the same social media following, one is charging $5 subscription while other is $10, let say that charge $5 per month get 1000 subscribers while creator charging $10 get 500 subscribers, now both the creator are making the same amount of money.

What if hundred people each unsubscribe to both the creators? A Creator that charges a $5 per month subscription loses $500 while creators charging $10 lose $1000 dollars. This is a big difference.

Another factor is to charge low subscriptions is; There are multiple ways to make money on Onlyfans. The more people have followed your page with less subscription could make you more money. You can make money on Onlyfans through subscription, getting tips, content that is PPV (pay-per-view), and charging people from custom requests through DMs.

There are people making thousands of dollars just from getting personal requests for completing the kinks of your followers. Some creators charge $100 to $300 per DM request.

I have talked about in detail in one of my recent blog post: How much to charge for the Onlyfans page?

Learn something from Top Onlyfans creators based on monthly subscription charging:

Bella Thorne's example is good for any creators to make money on Onlyfans. She has a big social media following and this thing makes her the most successful Onlyfans creators. You can charge lower and let more people consume your content. You have to keep the quality a top standard. Ear-to-ear marketing is one of the most powerful ways of getting more followers. When you have more followers, there are other opportunities where you could make money on Onlyfans.

If you want to charge more, do it if you have fulfilled all these three criteria;

  1. You look awesome, 9/10.
  2. You have a big social media site.
  3. You have somehow a celebrity status and followers from countries like the United States, The UK, Canada, and European countries.

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