How And When To Use Thesaurus

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To find new ways of expressing yourself, you can use a thesaurus.

How And When To Use Thesaurus

A thesaurus is a book, software program, mobile app, or online service that provides lists of words or phrases that mean the same thing, a book of synonyms. Like a dictionary, some thesauruses list terms in alphabetical order; many don't, however. They have an index on the front, with directions on how to find the word you want using the index.

How To Use A Thesaurus

A thesaurus, like a dictionary, will help you broaden the way you discuss your subject. You can clearly express what you want to say with the words available in thesaurus that might be perfect for your content. 

Here is how, in your writing, you can use a thesaurus: 

  • First, choose a word you want to search for its synonyms.
  • Next, find the word in the alphabetic arrangement, like a dictionary. 
  • Once the word is found, look at the words that are listed next to the main word. 
  • Lastly, choose another word that will work perfectly work on your context.

You can even find a section in a thesaurus that will allow you to see what words are the exact opposite of the word you are using as the starting point. This approach works the same way, so follow the steps above, except in the last one, choose a word that works as an antonym for the word you began with. 

Using a thesaurus may also be part of using a dictionary since these terms are used at the ends of many online dictionaries' meanings. This accelerates the process of discovering the right word you need. If you need an online thesaurus with easy accessibility, Power Thesaurus might be perfect for you. 

When To Use A Thesaurus

How many times have you struggled to describe a feeling, a situation, or an impression by finding the right word? A thesaurus is used in your writing to help you become more precise and clear in your writing. For any term you have in mind, it offers a list of suggested "replacements." You can have many words to choose from when you use a thesaurus. 

To find new ways of expressing yourself, you can use a thesaurus. Many people run into moments where they have the word they want on the tip of their tongue, but they can't seem to remember it. In this situation, a thesaurus can be a useful tool. It can also be used to add variety to your diction, but you have to be careful to preserve your flow and context while doing this. To achieve this, here are some tips:

1. Know the minor differences between synonyms.

There are a connotation and a denotation to each word, and it is important that before adding a new word to your paper, take both into consideration. The literal meaning of the term is denotation. A connotation is an understanding of the concept or feeling that a word, apart from its literal sense which it evokes.

2. To simply find an interchangeable word, avoid using a thesaurus. 

Few words are only interchangeable. Ideally, when you have a term in mind, you can search for a thesaurus but can't seem to remember it, or when you're thinking of a term with a precise denotation but searching for a synonym that connotes something distinct. With that, a thesaurus is still a fantastic instrument to vary your diction.

3. Pay attention to the part of speech of each word.

Most words have a few distinct meanings, and for all of them, a thesaurus search yields results. Before adding it to your paper, it is important to look at the portion of the speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) of the word you chose. The part of speech will also give you a hint as to whether or not your use of the term suits the synonym.

When You Shouldn't Use a Thesaurus

What students and writers need to know is that successful writing is not made up of ornate words or word-substitution. In engaging and persuading a reader to see value in what you're doing, transparency, concision, and organization are even more important.

Some professors ask students to restrict the use of a thesaurus in their homework or essay. For you might end up with a paper that sounds amateur if you rely too much on a thesaurus as you write a text. There is an art of finding a correct word, but as quickly as it can work for you, the nuance of phrases can work against you.

In short: don't overdo it! It will make your paper much more readable and informative to use a wide range of words to get your point across. It will also help you connect more effectively with your audience. When properly used, a thesaurus can be a fantastic resource for this to be done!

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