Hacks for Healthier Eating

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Sticking to a diet can be hard, but here are some hints.

Hacks for Healthier Eating

It is undeniable in a world of tasty sweets and unhealthy food we often find ourselves dealing with cravings that can ruin our day. If you have been dealing with trying to conquer these urges, then read further to obtain helpful tips to help you win the battle. It is very important to try to fight your craving; however, if you find that you have given in, then rest assured you are not a failure. If you apply these helpful tips to your daily life, then you will find that your cravings diminish more and more over time.

Water and Exercise

Next time you feel a craving coming on consider exercising instead. This does not mean to hit the gym, but rather try taking a leisurely walk around the park or dance to some of your favorite music. Once you have successfully distracted your attention away from your craving remember to avoid giving in. It will return, but you can push the craving off even further by drinking water. It has been proven that many people confuse being thirsty with being hungry. Often times this is why many of us deal with cravings; as a matter of fact, 50 percent of the population deals with cravings on a daily basis. When you incorporate more water into your diet you will find that it is easier to focus and rationalize in regards to the foods you desire.

Replace bad Food

There are many foods that are great replacements, and these healthier alternatives are a large part of how to stop cravings from taking over your day. For instance, if you are craving something sweet, then consider reaching for a piece of fruit or homemade sorbet. The most important thing to remember is to eat foods that are healthy for you such as grains that are rich in fiber. You will feel full longer, and you will find that you have less cravings. Just make sure you do not find yourself constantly eating to appease a craving. This is actually counter productive in your battle against eating all of the wrong foods.

Don't Give Up

As a rule of thumb I remind myself it is okay to eat whatever I want, as long as at least half of the food is what my body needs. It is important to eat a healthy breakfast, as well as a healthy dinner each day; this will allow your body the necessary fuel to make it through the day. Do not allow yourself to get so hungry that you find yourself being consumed by different cravings. If you find that you are suffering from a craving for days on end, then give in to the craving. Make sure you moderate yourself. If you are craving a cookie, don’t eat the whole package just one. This will actually help you move past the moment, and continue on with your day or week. Just remember you are not a failure, and it will take some time to kick those cravings to the curb. However, do not use this as a crutch and find that you are continually just giving in to your cravings. Consider keeping a food journal to track when your cravings hit, what caused them, and solutions for battling the next episode.

If you find it hard to cope with cravings, then think about the benefits in a long term scope. Remind yourself that you are saving your body from unnecessary illnesses, increasing your energy levels, and keep off unwanted weight. Just remember you are not alone with your battle, and consider talking to friends and family to help you through the really tough times. As long as you add a regular work-out into your week you will be able to keep off unwanted pounds, fight cravings, and feel more energized throughout the day. When I am feeling overwhelmed with cravings I simply remind myself that I eat to live not live to eat.He

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Kari Oakley
Kari Oakley
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