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Glued to Window - Fortnight Folds Over

by Jay Simmons about a year ago in how to
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Time is passing by. Magnify it'

Time to inspect. Spring is afoot...

You head into the subsequent (next day) a new human. Obvious to know that when you wash your face, and brush your teeth in the morning you slowly morph from version-to-version of older, and newer you's.

Copy, and paste until you forget who you are. Forgetfulness is a human feature. Super humans are those who forget less. As Remembrance is a trait of the mind focused in. What is it that grabs our attention in these modern times. Screen there, screen here, screen everywhere. Ultimately screen is thus window.

Sundance Institute: The Pink Cloud (film)

As we look out our windows into the flying sky. We look down to our many screens glued to our gadgets, and devices. Detached from the outside; modern nature is introverted bending. I often forget myself, as I often forget the outside. I watch the world evolve on the screens behold. I become contentious with cooperating with these objects.


We should only be here by content with cooperating with the non objects of the world. View the people 'if on screen'. Takeaway of context is tainted when not met at face value.

Savoury toward resent, and pain must never be willed to the screen we operate from as humans. The tip is discover the draw in contrast between the box shapes of your many screens, and your many windows. As you remember who you are; slowly realising that you live in the box that is your apartment, or house that we seek hiding from dire-hood.

Lady Bird laying on couch - source - Pinterest

When you remember to find yourself where you are, you notice that above all the boxes the sky is yearned above you. The globe that your boxes plateau on scientifically spins with no rest. Yet you don't even notice the constant growth set on your very face.

Sweep your floors: Yes.

Dust falls from your eyes.

It's with these eyes we continue to be obscure via the boxy, boxes we fortify with.

TIPS & TRICKS to magnify your time week by week:

1. Disenfranchise the immunity of your screens and devises.

2. Magnify your value with the scientific Anomaly (The sky yearns above your head)

3. Focus on human contact, even when alone & isolated.

4. Sweep, & hoover your floors more often.

By repeating those steps you truly become focused in. You discover the comparison between what a box can protect you from, to how easy it is to hinder you closet transformation.


The sky flies, yet we are so still. At least when you sweep you clear the room for your shed. With knowing that you move in swift patterns. To swift to fall to bare emotion into an electronic window. More so then the holes in your walls coated with panes. I'd rather contest to a glare at the moving world around me. Than escape in moments of forgetfulness.

ADVISE to give:

- Minimise your tether to your external phones, & laptops.

- Maximise your use for verbal, or written contact.

- Plan, and review productive ways to have a cleaner living space.

- Pretend your'e running a marathon everyday for the rest of your life.

- Pretend that in moments of forgetfulness you can move as fast as a national cup stacking champion.

- wall street journal

Spring is here. Time to keep up with the races. Inspect your values, and have tricks up your sleeves for facing your everyday transformations. People want tips peeled from their devises. Just ensure you leave plenty of time to instil them. Away from the box, away from the screen. At least by the window, if not even outside. Be speedy like hands with the cups.

Be endurance steady.

We can all be super.

The end

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