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Give Your Living Room A Treat With Our Top 3 Decor Trends

by NextIn 8 days ago in house

Add our interior trends for a refreshed living room look

Give Your Living Room A Treat With Our Top 3 Decor Trends
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Living room decor is often forgotten about even though we spend much of our time in living rooms. After we first move in we decorate the room to our specifications; it stays that way lost in time, with the only change being that the furnishings slowly wear down. As we spend a majority of our time in our living rooms we believe it’s only right to redesign it every now and then by adding interesting decor trends. Aim to create a space that feels fresh, safe and inviting; your living room space should be the perfect place to uplift your mood, rest and regenerate.

Become confident with the use of colours

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

In 2021 we’re all about confident interiors, the use of darker hues and brighter statements has led to us decorating with confidence. To accomplish this trend use a sophisticated array of related tones to create a layered and bold interior; this can be done by creating a contrast between the tones used throughout the room, resulting in a layered look. This trend can be compared to the monochromatic trend which also has an emphasis on using a method of layering tones. To excel in developing an interior with this trend remember to take time to layer using not just your furniture and wall colours but with your accessories such as rugs, throws and pillows.

Create a luxury decor you can feel comfortable laying into

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

By getting caught up in the design of our interiors it can become easy to forget that your living room will be used and lived in daily, which leads to us creating rigid and formal spaces. We believe your living room should be both a functional space but one that can constantly change and adapt to your day to day situation, whether that’s spending time with your family all day or taking some time to unwind after a long day at work. During the past year, the current climate of our society has led our homes have become more of a sanctuary; with less chance or reason to go outside especially when we’ve been in lockdown due to COVID - 19. It’s encouraged us to create something that looks and feels more habitable than formal. The living room should be designed to be a place of soothing, full of comforting qualities that can help support you with whatever day you’ve had.

Add structure to your simplistic interior

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Versatility and individuality are the core principles that represent this trend, structured simplicity is shaped in your own style. This trend takes a focus on quality over quantity, ensuring that every aspect of the living room is placed there for a reason. This trend brings a new meaning to simplicity, it creates a focused and direct space that is full of objects that are there for a real purpose. Don’t forget that this space isn’t meant to feel awkward or rigid; the aim is to create a space that is calm, comfy, and chilled. A quick top to create a space to relax in is to start with soft neutral colours.

Our reminder on how to treat your living room

We believe you should treat your living room like you treat yourself, spend time looking after it and treat it to some present every now and then. Remind yourself annual, yearly and sometimes monthly to show your living room the type of treatment it deserves. Try to keep your living room refreshing and comfortable; remember to stick to your style when updating your living room with new furnishing and following the advice of design trends. We spend a lot of time in our living rooms so try to create a living room you can feel comfortable in, one that you can wind down in after a long day at work.

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