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Free from Insomnia - How to improve your sleep cycle


By Specs CartPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Sleeping is an involuntary action. When we are tired, we fall asleep. Our body clock gives signals to sleep just as the sleeping hour falls as you drift to some distant dreamland. But because of our changed lifestyle, sound sleep is not as easy to get. You have trouble falling to sleep.

You can stay awake for a day. You can pull an all-nighter for two days. But from the third day onwards, you start having issues like microsleep. You will find an unbearable urge to sleep. Your body and mind are too tired. You will find it difficult to focus on any task. You will not be able to do even everyday tasks.

Sleep is important. If you are sleep-deprived, you will be easily irritable and affect your social and personal relationships.

How blue light affects your sleep

Lack of sleep is because of the changed lifestyle. And one of the major contributing factors is the blue lights.

Blue light is a stimulus for daytime for the brain. With a minimum amount of natural blue light, your mind feels invigorated. You will be active and alert. But too many of these lights are what driving away your sleep.

Most digital devices emit blue lights, and we are glued on these devices 24x7. You start your waking hour by checking your phone and end your day by scrolling your phone. If you do not feel sleepy, you spend that time on your phone. Apart from work supporting your livelihood, you are attached to your digital devices to connect with people or recreation. Whatever issue you face, you turn to your phone.

This lifestyle change has caused an overexposure to blue lights. And with too many blue lights, your sleep cycle is affected. It is causing a decrease in your sleep time and the quality of your sleep.

You are too tired for the day. You try sleeping, but your mind is replaying the tasks of the previous day. You count sheep but cannot find your sleep. After trying for vain, you check your phone and end up staying awake the whole night.

Can glasses really help

Glasses that block blue light help regulate the sleep cycle. You can get any style of spectacles online and get them made with blue light filter lenses. These lenses block the incoming blue light from all digital devices, artificial and natural sources.

When the source of the issue is blocked, you find it easier to fall asleep. Further, these blue light blocking glasses will be helpful at your work. You will not get eye strain too soon. Your work efficiency will improve. With your regulated sleep cycle, you will wake up energized every day. Your mood will improve, and you will be active and efficient in your work.

What else for your sound sleep

If you have severe sleep problems, you should consult your doctor. Indeed blue light glasses can help in regulating your sleep cycle. You can get stylish clear glasses frames made with these lenses and improve your vision. But they will not work if the cause of your insomnia is something other than blue lights.

Block Blue lights

You can try to block blue lights from all the sources. You can use a blue light filter screen over all your devices. Or you can turn on dark mode whenever you are using your phone or computer at nighttime or with a low light setting. Doing this can limit blue light emission, and you will get lesser blue light.

Limit Your Screen Time

You should cut down your screen time. If your sleep is affected by your excessive usage of digital devices, you are expanding your limits and affecting your body. You should use digital devices a lot less. For recreation activities, adopt traditional ways. You can play Jenga or spend time with your friends instead of chatting with them on your phone.

Go for a Digital Detox

You can totally leave all your digital devices for some days. You can go on some vacation, maybe to the mountains, and not use your phone, laptop, or any device for days. Doing this will relieve your mind from the stress and also bring back your sleep cycle to normal.

Transition Glasses

Apart from blue light blocking glasses, you can use transition glasses. These glasses are slightly expensive than blue light glasses but much more cost-efficient than blue light glasses. Get them made in stylish black glasses frames or clear glasses frames and look fashionable in these glasses cum sunglasses.

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