Essential Kitchen Supplies and Move-Out Guide

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Comprehensive Guide for the New College Renter

Essential Kitchen Supplies and Move-Out Guide

Moving out for the first time is tough as is, and with moving everything and packing everything, coming up the list of extra stuff you need to buy can add even more additional stress than needed. I hope I can help you by making this checklist for you! Feel free to print this out and cross out whatever you do have and maybe add some stuff to the list that you are going to bring with you (or if you have other things you absolutely need in your new kitchen). This list is meant to be just the bare essentials to make your move as affordable as possible! This list is meant to be helpful for both college students, and parents alike!

There will be links attached to each of the items so you can purchase them straight from Amazon! Just click on the italicized text and it'll take you straight there.

Essential Equipment

Essential Kitchen Supplies

Items that are Nice to Have (Not a Must)

Now that you've viewed what you may need for your new home, here are some additional tips to help ease some of the stress of a move.

1. Declutter:

Declutter all your belongings before you begin packing your boxes. Go through each room, table, drawer, and cupboard with the goal of getting rid of as much crap as possible. This will be a very important time-saver when you actually start to pack.

2. Pack smart:

Start with clearly labeling every container or box with whatever room its contents belong to. Then add a Post-it Note with a brief list of what's actually in the box so you don't have to dig around to find out what's inside later on. Once you move in, you'll want to go room by room and unpack. You should definitely start with the things you need first (toilet paper, shower supplies, toothbrush, etc.)

3. Set up your bed first

This is important so you have it ready for when you crash later on that night. When you want to go to bed after a long day of moving and unpacking, you thankfully won't have to set up everything.

4. Prepare a bag or suitcase of things you'll need in the first 24 hours.

Pack your important documents, medicines, a change of clothes, and anything else you will need to potentially grab right away. This will save you the pain of digging through your things in attempt to grab a band-aid.

5. Pack hanging clothes directly into plastic bags or containers

Pack your coats and formal attire into these bags or containers so they do not get wrinkled in travel. It also saves a lot time time unpacking as you can just move them directly from closet to closet.

6. Research peak times for moving companies and moving truck companies

Most companies offer lower rates if you can move during the week! During weekends and peak times (when everyone is moving into the dorms at once for example) it will be more expensive and may be harder to schedule.

Heather Clark
Heather Clark
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