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Effective Read Swapping: The Tree Method

by Call Me Les 7 months ago in social media · updated 7 months ago
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Clearing up some hesitations in the hopes of freeing the stories!

Effective Read Swapping: The Tree Method
Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

Alright, so for the most part we all want to follow the correct nuances of engagement when read sharing. I can't speak for all the groups, only Vocal Social Society and Great Incantations, but to set the record straight, this is how you are invited to use "read threads" with us.

What is a read thread? Example:

In the comments, you introduce your piece in a sentence or so, leave your link and then read a few other stories in exchange.

When you read someone else's work in VSS or GI, you are encouraged to leave a comment if you have time. But, did you know that with us you're also welcome to drop a story in that comment? Yup! Even if you already made a singular comment with that story elsewhere in the list.

We've found most members hesitate to leave the same story in multiple comments. They consider it to be overtaking the thread.

But this restriction feels so unfair to members.

On a Solo Post (the kind where you can make your own thread, like in Great Incantations) it's quite customary to respond and leave your work in trade. And you can do that on as many solo threads as you like!

So, we want you to know that at VSS, the sky is the limit <3

If each initial comment is like a solo post, then, in our opinion, it's perfectly acceptable to blanket the thread with your story...provided you're commenting and engaging and not just pasting the hyperlink wordlessly.

Consider it the Tree Method!

By Ketevan Shoshiashvili on Unsplash

If the read thread becomes a ladder of tiered stories and comments, as an admin, I'd be quite pleased! We turn them off at the end of the week but until then, let's see how much of a forest we can create!

Remember...Read Swapping Isn't How You Earn Money On Vocal

You need to distributing in other non-Vocal groups, and on Twitter, Instagram, pages, etc. too. Practice and perfect your SEO. Expand your ecosystems. Find new channels. If your read stats are dependent on a FB group you're missing out on a wider audience.

A Vocal Facebook group is about camaraderie, experience, learning...interaction. Networking. Read swapping won't give you enough reads to live on. But it will put a few pennies in your wallet, build your confidence as a writer, expose you to new styles and genres, brush up your grammar and forge deep networking bonds. Who knows who you'll meet! Case in point with myself and my partners I write with today.

So post away!

If you're putting in the hard work to read and comment on someone else's story in a read thread, then you've earned the right to blanket the thread! Besides, if it's coming across as a blanket, it's only because others are holding back.


Try treating the read thread like a solo thread and you'll get so much more from it. Everyone is gathered in one spot, so it's quite easy to read and comment on a dozen or more by week's end. And if someone comments on your comment.. the tree expands! If that weren't enough incentive, how about a bit more...

Big News!

In VSS, posting, reading and commenting will now lead to a fabulous new prize.



We are looking to reward the most engaged creator with a weekend dedicated to YOU! We will be tracking engagement data looking for the creators who comment, like, heart, and READ the most links and your reward will be.....

  • Having your name on the VSS group banner with a link to your Creator Profile
  • Have your story of choice featured on the VCC magazine page
  • Solo Post your stories all weekend and draw in an audience
  • Freedom to run your own engagement building activities

Yup, the powers that be would fall into your hands to use as you please.

What would you create if you were the reigning monarch of Vocal Social Society for a day?

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