Drying Washing Outside

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It is better than tumble drying

Drying Washing Outside

It is hard to believe that until a few days ago, people would be talking about things other than the Coronavirus, self isolation ,toilet rolls , food shortages or anything other than the current crisis, but we did. One of the things that everybody wanted to start doing was to become more `green' or `eco friendly', and this was becoming a big thing with individuals and the business community.

If I ever got into a conversation on this subject I would tell everybody that I had always been `green' because I did not have a tumble dryer. People would think I was mad because I did not own one and I think this is a good subject for the criteria of unpopular opinion. As far as I am concerned, it is better to dry clothes outside in the fresh air rather than using a tumble dryer.


Washing or Laundry (whatever you want to call it)

We all wear clothes and we all know that the clothes we wear do get dirty and need to be washed. Some people describe the washing of clothes as `laundry' but I have always referred to it as `washing'. If we did not ever wash our clothes, they would become very unhygienic and they would probably wear out quicker on account of all the dirt becoming engrained in the fibres, they would obviously smell pretty bad too.

Luckily for us we live in an age where doing the washing has been made easy for us with washing machines and a good choice of detergents, powders, pods,gels, and stain removers. We also have the luxury of being able to buy fabric softeners and conditioners. This is all so different from previous generations who only had basic cleaning agents to wash their clothes with.


Wet clothes

Unless clothes are dry cleaned by a professional laundry worker, we have no other choice than to use water and this leaves us with the problem of how to get the clothes dry.

I do agree that it is not very nice to have wet clothes dripping around the home, but it does not have to be like that. For a start, you can plan when you do your washing, and I always wait until we get a nice sunny day (which does happen sometimes , believe it or not). I also try to do the washing very early in the morning so that it has several hours outside in the fresh air before I bring it in.

Unlike previous generations who had to wash their clothes by hand and wring them out either by hand or with a mangle, most household these days do own a washing machine that will rinse and spin the clothes for them. Making the clothes easier to dry whichever method of drying you use. So it is not as if we are faced with baskets full of sopping wet clothes to dry.


My personal experience of using a tumble dryer

Okay, I confess , that I did once own a tumble dryer, and this is how I know what I am talking about. But the thing is, although I owned a tumble dryer, I only ever used it a few times.

I did not use it much for several different reasons. For a start it was very expensive to run. When I owned this tumble dryer it was back in the early nineteen eighties and we had a fifty pence electric meter . On the rare occasions that I used the dryer , I would find myself running out of fifty pence pieces to put in the electric meter. I also found it to be noisy and it caused a lot of condensation in the kitchen which I could have done without.

This is one of the arguments that I have when talking about not owning a tumble dryer because people think that having wet washing hanging about will make the house damp. So I answer them by saying that tumble dryers also cause a lot of condensation that can lead to damp.


The lack of space

Another problem I found when I owned a tumble dryer was, where to put it. These dryers are not small and they do need to be put somewhere convenient if they are to be used regularly. So as we have a small kitchen there was nowhere for it to live where it would not be in the way. This meant that it was put out in the garage where it could not be used anyway.


The cost of buying one

Not only do tumble dryers cost a lot of money to run, they can work out very expensive to buy in the first place.

Of course nowadays people have the option of buying a washing machine and a tumble dryer in one machine, but I have heard negative reviews on these .


The advantages of drying washing outside.

There are many advantages to drying your washing outside, the main one being that it is free. Compared to the cost of running a tumble dryer, think of how much cash could be saved by drying clothes in the fresh air. For the price of a washing line and a couple of bags of pegs , the money you save could run into hundreds of pounds yearly.

Being able to see a line of clean fresh clothes, linen or whatever it is you have washed that day, blowing about in the wind is a lovely sight. Washing that has been dried in the fresh air also seems to smell fresher, in my opinion and you don't have to use any chemicals or sprays on the fabrics to make them smell truly naturally fresh because they are naturally fresh, dried by nature.

Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Smith
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