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Definitive Guide To Buying The Perfect Badminton Racket Online

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By Nirmal PatelPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Badminton Rackets

Working out which badminton racket to buy can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you’re unsure of what makes one racket better than another. This badminton racket guide will help you decide which type of racket you need, as well as the best place to buy it from online. Keep reading to learn how to buy the perfect badminton racket!

Know your playing style

Knowing your playing style can help determine what type of badminton racket you should buy. If you are a beginner, a head-heavy racket will be easier to use and will have more plow-through power. If you are an intermediate player, a balanced racket may be right for you. An advanced player may want to go with a light racket that has the perfect balance between power and control. For those who want to play doubles, try going with an oversized frame that is weighted more toward the head of the racquet.

Choose the right weight

But, before you buy a badminton racket, you need to determine what weight is right for you. There are four different weight categories to choose from: lightweight (under 9 oz), medium-light (9-11oz), medium (12-15 oz) and heavy (over 15oz). What’s right for one person may not be right for another. You should consider what level of player you are and how much time you spend on the court when making your decision.

Consider the balance point

The balance point of a racket is the place where the shaft meets the head of the racket. A badminton racket's balance point can be either 6/8, 7/9 or 8/10. The higher the balance point, the more power a player will generate.

A badminton racket’s balance point is important to consider because it affects your playing style and technique in different ways. When you are choosing a badminton racquet, it’s important that you consider your own playing style and technique to find one that suits your needs best.

Grip size matters

There are five different grip sizes for badminton racquets: G5, G4, G3, G2 and G1. Grip size is indicated by the circumference measured in centimeters from the widest part of the head to just below the throat. A larger grip size will give you more power while a smaller grip will give you more control.

Grip size is important because it affects your ability to generate power and control a shot, so it's worth taking time to think about how you want to play before picking one out. If you're not sure what kind of player you are, then start with a mid-sized grip (G3), which will give you more options as your skill progresses.

Don't forget about string tension

A good badminton racket will help you get the most out of your game, but with so many to choose from it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. A great place to start is by thinking about what type of player you are and the level of play that you're interested in. If you're just starting out, a lightweight racquet with less string tension might be best because it's easier to control and allows more flexibility. But if you have some experience under your belt, then a heavier racquet might be better as it offers greater power for longer shots. Some people like playing with a combination of both styles.

That said, there are still other things to consider when choosing the perfect badminton racket for your needs.


Yonex, Joola, and Victor are some of the most popular brands in the world. They have a wide range of badminton racquets and badminton rackets at prices to suit every budget. Their products are durable, reliable, and will last for years to come. All of these companies produce top-quality equipment that is designed to give you an edge over your opponents on the court.

There is no one perfect badminton racket for everyone, so it’s important to pick one that suits you best. Some people prefer light racquets because they allow them to play faster and more agilely, while others might choose heavier ones so they can hit with more force. There’s no such thing as ‘the best badminton racket’ because what’s best for one player may not be ideal for another. Whatever style of game you like playing, there should be a corresponding type of racket that suits it perfectly!

Compare prices

If you are going to buy a badminton racket online, it's important to understand the difference between the price of a generic badminton racket and a high-end badminton racket. This is because there is a significant price difference between these two types of rackets, with high-end badminton rackets costing significantly more than their cheaper counterparts.

A generic or beginner-level badminton racquet will cost about $25-$30, while an intermediate-level or professional-level badminton racquet can cost up to $200-$250. If you want something in the middle and don't want to spend as much, there are some intermediate-level rackets that range from $150-$200.


So, you're finally ready to buy your first badminton racquet. You know what you want, but the question is - which one? There are so many brands and types to choose from that it can be difficult to make a decision. Luckily for you, we've compiled all of the information you need to help you make an informed choice about which badminton racket is perfect for you.

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