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Conversation Starters For Any Situation

by Jessica Miller 2 months ago in how to

How To Start An Interesting Conversation?

We all have been in a situations where meeting new people is not always as easy as we thought it would be. Maybe you are shy by nature, maybe you just don't know where to start. No matter the reason it is very possible that there are certain individuals who you would like to get to know better who you will never have the opportunity due to unfortunate timing or because of how difficult it may be for them to join in on conversations started by others.

If you are shy or somewhat an introvert it can be hard, but not impossible to start a conversation with others.

If you're looking for great conversation starters to use with a new person you just met, here are some ideas.

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It's important to always have something going in a conversation . To keep drawing people back into a discussion, try these icebreakers the next time you talk to someone new. The best conversations happen when both people contribute and feel included in the exchange of information and ideas.

The best way to approach a new person and start up a conversation is by asking their opinion on something . When we ask for other people's opinions, we make them feel involved in the conversation, as if they're important and wanted. Try these conversation starters:

• What do you think of _____? (Insert something the person you're talking to might have an opinion on, like a recent event or news story)

• What's something you've always wondered about but were afraid to ask?

• Have you ever ____? (Insert something the person you're talking to has likely experienced before, such as getting lost in foreign country or meeting someone famous)

• Where would you like to travel and why? (This is a great way to get people talking about their passions and what drives them. People love talking about themselves, so just give them the opportunity.)

If you're having trouble thinking of conversation starters, use one of these questions:

• If you could ask a single person to dinner, who would it be and why?

• What do you enjoy most about your current job or lifestyle?

• Would you rather live in a world of chaos or order? Why?

Asking questions will get people talking about what they love the most . When the other person is sharing their passions with you, try adding some of your own experiences if the conversation lulls. That way, people will get a sense for what you're passionate about and where you've been in life .

Just remember that the most important part of a conversation is to listen more than you talk ; no one likes talking to someone who immediately launches into stories from their own life.

The next time you start a conversation with someone new, try out these conversation starters and enjoy the way people open up to you!

Don't forget, you are not the only one who is struggling with the social life. Try to remind yourself that there are people who love meeting new people and making new friends just like you.

If all else fails there is always your phone. Talking to someone online can be a great way to start off a friendship, especially if the other person lives far away. You might find that virtual friendships can turn into real-life ones; you never know until you try!

The next time you find yourself struggling to keep a conversation going, remember these tips. Good luck!

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