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Bored in the house? 9 fun things to keep you busy during lockdown.

by Gabriella Whiteman 10 months ago in list

Because even the most creative people can get bored during the coronavirus lockdown.

If you’re not an essential worker, you’ve most likely been forced to stay at home and work remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic. Chances are, at some point, you’ve been bored. You’ve stared into space or scrolled mindlessly through social media to make the lockdown more bearable.

Whether you’re in self-isolation or in quarantine, being stuck inside for weeks on end can get dull fast. Let’s get to the point: you want to have fun and I have a list of 9 things to do to put boredom at bay for a couple of hours (or days). Ranging from very entertaining to why-would-i-ever-do-that, I can assure you at least one of these activities will make your lockdown or social distancing more fun.

Try cooking a recipe from a different culture or country.

If you’re lucky, you managed to get enough food to make something (even the most basic recipes) and you might be starting to get bored of the same meals. Spice your cooking time up by looking for a meal you might not know very well or even a new one – but add a twist: try to make something from a country or culture you've never tried before. I’d suggest you look for a dish you have most of the ingredients for and see if you can replace the rest. If you want to make it even more fun (and hard) get the recipe in its original language and don't cheat. Voila, food and something new (and maybe a hilarious video), all in one.

Journal with your useless hand.

Many people who have experienced mental health issues say journaling helps. This pandemic isn’t helping anyone’s mental state, so I’d suggest writing your thoughts down in a journal. However, if you’re extremely bored, you can try using the hand you don’t usually use and see how far you can go. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn how to write with it (with some consistency). If you're ambidextrous, maybe try using another part of your body?

Try doing a hobby you had when you were a child.

Evidently this one depends on the resources you have at home. However, if you can think of any single thing you can do that brought you joy as a child, why not have a go at it? It could be anything from playing with Hot Wheels to finger painting, dressing up, doing puzzles, playing old video games or just reading books. If no one is there to judge you, why would you judge yourself for trying to have fun in quarantine during a global pandemic?

Guessing games with fiction books .

If you're tired of reading or don't want to read, pick up any fiction book you haven’t read. Go to a random page, read a couple pages and make a guess as to what is going on and who the characters are. Then, (if you don’t want to read) go online and see how wrong or right you are. If you do want to read, this just adds extra fun (if you’re very bored). Bonus points: if you do it with other people in your household, whoever guesses right doesn’t have to do their chores for a day/week.

Indoor mini-sports.

Make an indoor mini-golf course with any spherical objects and anything long enough to hit them. Set up markers for where the balls have to end up. Play (and obviously keep your children and pets safe for the sake of health care workers, theirs and yours).

Indoor pillow fort .

Make a pillow fort in whatever space you have with whatever you have. Make it as cozy as you can and watch a film inside it when its dark. It’s more fun if you pretend its your own personal cinema (or very sad when you remember cinemas are closed because of social distancing and a global pandemic :/).

Play the floor is lava.

Admittedly, this is more fun if you live with your family, have kids, flatmates or pets. Not so fun if you’re alone and have better things to do.

Make a bouncy ball course.

Follow in the footsteps of the wholesome trend and make a ball “bouncing course”. Set up various flat surfaces (pots and pans work best) at slanted angles. Then, set a cup down at the end of your line of flat surfaces. The goal? Get the ping-pong ball (or any bouncy ball) to bounce off the surfaces and land in the cup. More fun if you keep adding things to see how long you can keep it bouncing . Twitter user @dodaistewart shared a video of TikTok user @scottryan playing the game - it looks fun if you ask me.

Make the to do list of freedom .

Write a list of all the things you’re going to do outside once you can go out normally again and why you want to do them. It will help you remember that this quarantine and the lockdowns everywhere aren’t staying forever. Having things to look forward to always brings a little excitement to your quarantine boredom.

Gabriella Whiteman
Gabriella Whiteman
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