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Best Travel Lessons to Pick From COVID-19 Pandemic

by Sarah Marry 9 months ago in how to

Some of the Quick learnings of COVID-19 to opt:

We were planning Morocco Family Holidays for this March but unfortunately, not only us but the whole world has got stuck to their homes because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This was the bad news especially for those who travel a lot and been professionally traveling around the globe. This blog is written to tell you the lessons we could get from this pandemic and act on them in our future practices. I have added some of my learnings and observations too to tell you that this is also an opportunity.

Some of the Quick learnings of COVID-19 to opt:

Here are some of the learnings to share with you. I could gather them during my quarantine time at home. You could also consider it as an opportunity and could have learned a lot in your isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

I Read More Books in Quarantine:

It was a self-learning phase of life. Everyone was busy at home doing work in the kitchen, cleaning the home, gardening, and watching television with the family. I have done all of them a bit but the most important learning of my life is reading my new stuff. I’m a journalist and reading is important as food in my life. So I read many travelogues, fiction and non-fiction books in this quarantine. This experience has groomed me and gave me a knowledge pack which will help me in the future traveling and professional experiences.

The readers who are still in search of activities in quarantine and find it boring to sit idle all the time are suggested to get your favorite books online and even in hard and start reading. I can assure you that this activity can color your life differently and you will be on an extra conscious level in your next travelingexperiences.

I have learned At least 10 Dishes to cook:

Eating is easy, the real thing is cooking your favorite dishes. This lock-down got me an opportunity to learn the dishes which I tasted and found amazing during my different cultural experiences while traveling. The most exciting thing for me to try the Moroccan dish, Tagine at home. As I got enough spices from the destination to cook that dish at my home.

Interestingly Tagine is not of the same type. It is cooked in many different ways. What I tried at home to cook the Chicken Tagine and Fish Tagine. Moreover, I also tried some Pakistani dishes like Chiken Biryani and Indian Dishes too. So, guys, this is an amazing activity at home. I’m at lat very ready to make the dishes on my own when on some of my future travel experience.

Did you try any cooking in your kitchen? Write me back, I would love to learn about new recipes and would try in my kitchen. Try some snacks to make for your next traveling experience, I’m sure that would help you in your future travelings.

Living Alone is Hard – But We can:

Living alone in isolation without any social interaction also brings you an opportunity to learn to live differently. The understanding to live alone is not like you will never be social again. But this is a phase we should go by as a social animal to think within ourselves.

It somehow allows you to find yourself, clear your ideas in life, and make you more focused on your aims and dreams in life. So this is not bad to be alone for sometime. This time is an opportunity for you to get something extra in your life, think and observe what life is and get a wonderful self-exploring experience in life.

Gardening – Another Learning:

Gardening on the lawn or practicing to make a kitchen garden at home is another lea ring of my life. I have planted different flower plants and vegetables necessary for any kitchen. This is such an environmental-friendly activity I could have practiced at home during the lockdown. This activity is worth practicing even after the lockdown.

It also controls your stress and anxiety level to be busy with such healthy activities at home. For the people who have not started doing these activities yet are requested to try these activities because they can retreat you and make your time more perfect at home. You can start planting in small plant pots too if you don’t have a place for proper plantation.

Environment-Friendly Traveling:

The Environment index has observed the ideal situation for the environment during the lock down in all over the world. That means the industry and the traffic had a very bad impact on the environment. This is a time to learn from the experience and try to think about the ways in the future to protect the environment. All the stakeholders, travelers, airlines, travel companies, and governments are equally responsible to think for the environment with the enhancement of tourism all around the globe.

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Sarah Marry
Sarah Marry
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