Best FREE ways to save money £$€

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Feeling short of cash? read how you could save your money!

Best  FREE ways to save money £$€

it’s ok !!! It’s ok to be short of money. Mine can always be made back again. But it’s always a smart and responsible way to save some of your earnings.

How can I do this, you may ask ??

Well don’t worry I’ve got some FREE easy tips on how YOU sitting at home relaxing, commuting to/from work or even just at a coffee house can learn simple ways to save a small or a big amount of money!!!

The following are ways I as an 18year old girl honestly save my money:

1. Switch your bank account to Monzo- Monz o bank is what I use and it’s very usedful because you can make pots where whatever you buy it rounds it up to the nearest pound and put the change in a pot for you. So each time you buy something a small about of change is saved which won’t really feel like you’re saving. But after a while YOU’LL NOTICE !!!

2. Take you’re own lunch to work- this way you’ll save a little bit every work day so you can spend that extra money from not using it for work lunches for a nicer meal at home or out with friends or family. This could be what you look forward to and it doesn’t have to be an expensive meal just a nice treat for having cheaper lunches during the weekday ;D

3. Have your own greenhouse to grow your own fruits and vegetables- this is an idea my Nan had and it’s a life changer because everyday I have porridge and fresh fruits from the garden. So instead of going to Starbucks or Costa for breakfast and spending around £5-9 I’ve spent roughly £0.50 a day on breakfast. It’s so healthy and benificial financially too!!!

4. Use the 70-20-10 rule- this is an amazing idea my college friend told me about. It’s a simple and easy way of splitting out my finances for the month. So 70% is spent on rent, food, etc. 20% is used for wants for example going to the shopping centre, eating out or money fro travelling. And finally 10% is put straight into a savings account which I don’t ever touch.

5. Find a way to cut your savings- this is very surprising overall on what you actually you spend your money on. Simply make a list of what you’d roughly spend your money on. And for example of your main spending after rent and food is buying about 4 pairs of shoes; cut it in half to buying 1-2 pairs of shoes a month.

I’m not telling you guys to follow all my ways of saving but even if you learned something or use one of these saving ideas could be very useful for your life in the future.

Even share this to your family/friends because it could really help someone you care about.

Have a great day xoxox


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