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Baby wipes can be more versatile than you realized

by Cheryl E Preston 6 months ago in product review

The moist cloths have additional uses than simply wiping a child’s bottom

Baby wipes were first introduced in the 1970s but were pretty pricey. Not a lot of mothers used them but by the 1990s things changed. Non diaper companies began mass producing this product which caused the price to fall. Baby wipes are now a staple and can be purchased for as little as one dollar. According to the website How things are made, this product has already raked in 263.3 million dollars thus far in 2020. You can now find these disposable wash cloths in patients rooms in Hospitals and nursing homes. I recently visited someone who had 3 boxes of baby wipes in his room.

I now find these wipes are a necessity and have multiple uses that I had not previously thought of. I found out the value of wet wipes because of the current coronavirus pandemic. When COVID-19 first hit I began to find disenfectant and disenfectant wipes were constantly out of stock and this has continued. I was in a local grocery store and noticed they had baby wipes on the shelves next to where the Lysol should have been. Not only that but that there was a full supply. The wet wipes do not have the same germ killing power as the disrnfectant wipes they were better than nothing at all so I purchase a few of them.

The single use baby cloths do a good job at keeping things clean and the more I utilized them the more ways I found out how they come in handy. Each time I found that disenfectant wipes were not in stock, I purchase baby wipes and shared the idea with my adult children. Baby wipes can be purchased in hard bucket like plastic containers or soft plastic bags. Again I emphasize that wet wipes don’t include disenfectant but they are wonderful at cleaning and save the time of using a cloth that must be machine washed.

You can purchase these wipes in both scented and non scented versions. There are also echo friendly biodegradable brands. Take a little time when you are out and about to investigate the varieties and prices. I now keep the wipes in the car, the kitchen, bathroom and my bedroom. I emphasize their importance to my grandchildren along with other hygiene practices. These wipes are handy and a great way to train yourself to keep everything clean. If you give someone a ride, you can pull out a wipe and clean the door handle and dashboard after they exit the vehicle. We are now living a ne normal where keeping things clean might save a life from the coronavirus.

It’s actually become second nature to me to pull out a wipe and use it. By now everyone should be adjusting to the new normal, which is probably how we should have been operating all along. Some grocery stores have disenfectant wipes you can use to wipe down your shopping cart but there have been times when they run out. By keeping a small pack of baby wipes in my purse I can take one out and use it any time.

1. Take off makeup

2. Remove spots from clothing

3. Clean computer, television and cell phone screen. (Be careful and use gently.)

4. Spills in the car

5. Wipe down reusable face masks until you can wash it.

6. Freshen the inside of shoes

7. Extra cleanliness after using toilet paper.

8. Wipe down table tops, counter tops and stove.

9. Commode seat, lid and sink

10. Door knobs

11. Clean pocketbooks and wallets

12. Wipe down boxes, bags, and containers you bring in from the store.

13. Keep hands clean and fresh any time of the day or night.

14. Keep reusable cloth grocery bags clean.

15. Game consoles and remote controls

26. Land line telephone

Baby wipes are not a substitute for thourouly washing hands, using disenfectant and hand sanitizer. They are a temporary solution until you can do better. These most towelettes can assist in hygiene practices but should never take the place of them. If you desire information regarding the science behind wet wipes please click on this link. The following link is a listing of the top 10 recommended wipes from Wikipedia. These are expensive but should be well worth it if you have the money to invest. Click here.

product review
Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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Cheryl E Preston

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, published author and former Newspaper columnist. She has degrees in Psycology and Biblical studies. She enjoys sharing natural cures, and Nostalgia related info. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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