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Ai Builder Review 2023 - Full OTO Details + Bonuses - AiBuilder Daniel Adetunji

By Jing ZhaoPublished 25 days ago 14 min read

Ai Builder Review 2023 - Full OTO Details + Bonuses - AiBuilder Daniel Adetunji

AI Builder FE – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

AI Builder OTO 1: AI Builder Automation – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 2: AI Builder DFY – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 3: AI Builder Unlimited Traffic – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 4: AI Builder Reseller – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 5: AI Builder Enterprise – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 6: AI Builder Whitelabel – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

My Exclusive Bonuses


Ai Builder Review - Is It Another An Over-Hyped Software?

Ai Builder Review


We all know that good websites and landing pages are the lifeblood of any digital marketing campaign. Without them, visitors don’t know what to do next. That makes your website and landing page a driving force for conversions. But they can also take hours to build .

And finally when you had everything to start the business, it’d take ages to spread the word about it and make a brand for yourself.

But times have changed! The world is now one big marketplace that is open 24×7, with sellers and customers thronging the market online from all over the world, and the tagline has also changed.

That is why we need a way to create sleek, beautiful and high converting websites and pages for our real businesses without hiring a costly designer, or struggling to design & code the sites ourselves.

So in today review, I will show you the ultimate solution that won’t just knock out stunning pages but create pages that will strategically grow your businesses online, capture more leads and generate more sales daily. This product is Ai Builder. By using this software, there will be no more hiring expensive designers and copywriter, negotiating the price with them and sending them reminders of the approaching deadline.

Let’s scroll down and get to know more about Ai Builder in more details!


Ai Builder is a complete website & landing builder with stunning designs to mesmerize your visitors and pre-optimised to convert like crazy. This is a complete done-for-you solution that would allow you to hit the market with your products in a matter of minutes


The man created this product is Daniel Adetunji. He is the guy behind the well-known line of products like ClikBank Profits, FastEye Pages, SociClicks, SociOffer and SociLiveStream, etc with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth in digital product sales under his belt.


Let’s get more insight of what you will get once you successfully purchase this software:

♦ 30 DFY Orange Builder Website & Landing Page Templates

It took a team of 5 designers and 3 copywriters around 2 weeks to create these 30 stunning templates. Unlike all the other website and landing page builders, Ai Builder believe in getting the work done and that too in one place and with one tool.

The Ai Builder templates are preloaded with stunning design and copy. To give a personal touch, just pick any template and edit/change anything you want, anyway you want.

Ai Builder is about a lot more than simply building stunning websites & landing pages. It builds landing pages that are pre-optimised to get you best conversions. 30 pre-designed and pre-optimized templates are at your disposal. Your stunning Landing Page will be live in a matter of minutes.

♦ Create Gorgeous Looking Sales Pages

You don’t need to upgrade or pay extra so you can sell more and grow. Just create as many sales pages as you want without any restrictions.

♦ Create Mesmerizing Landing Pages

To run a successful campaign you need to create not just a sales page. You need a Squeeze Page, Sales Page, Upgrade Pages and Thank You Page at least.

With most of the landing page builders in the market, you’ll realise that you run out of your quota of pages allowed pretty quickly. To build more – you have to pay more (generally by upgrading). But with Ai Builder, you can create as many pages as you like.

♦ Unlimited Access To Ai Builder

Once you get Ai Builder, it’s accessible to you permanently. Ai Builder is brought to you by a team of professionals who are in the business of making running a business easier for entrepreneurs around the world.

And being 100% Cloud based, all you need is an internet connection and a laptop to access your pages and websites from anywhere in the world at any time. This also allows you to make changes on the fly if you want.

♦ 1 Million+ High Resolution Images

To create a page that compliments your product and business perfectly, there’s a high chance you’d want to replace the images that are in the templates. Just browse through the in-built library of 1 Million+ high resolution images and pick the one that best suits your product.

♦ Host Your Pages At No Extra Cost

Don’t worry about hosting your landing pages or websites. Ai Builder hosts your landing pages and blessings for you and makes it easy for you to get up and running on your own domain in a matter of minutes.

If you want you can even publish your landing page to a hosted subdomain in just a few clicks. All you need to do is connect your domain with the page or the website and you are good to go.

♦ Exceptional Customer Support

If you ever have a problem using Ai Builder , all you need to do is hit the Chat bot on your dashboard and the support agent will be there to help you with anything.

♦ One-Time Fee

Ai Builder will be available only during this special launch at a one-time fee. Post launch it will be available only at a recurring price.

♦ Easy Drag And Drop

You want an image somewhere, just drag the image and drop it where you want it to appear. You want a text box, a custom menu or a slider, all you need to do is just drag the item, drop it where you want it to appear.

♦ DIY Designer

With lots of customizable settings, including fonts, colors and page layouts, every Ai Builder design can be made to look unique with just a few clicks. Laying out an entire page is just a matter of a few clicks.

♦ Advanced Site Analytics

Ai Builder comes with advanced Google Analytics Integration. Find out how many page views you have, where visitors come from, and how well you rank with competitors.

♦ Easy Integrations

Ai Builder is built to seamlessly integrate numerous APIs and tools such as Google Maps API enabled maps, Custom YouTube and Vimeo embed modals, MailChimp Integration, modals to support forms, iframes or any HTML.

♦ Live Editing

Easily, visually and in real-time edit most of elements properties like padding, margin, border, shadows, backgrounds, text styles and more. Or edit html, css and js manually via integrated code editors for maximum control of the project.

♦ Hardware Accelerated Parallax

Easily add a new dimension to your site with the cool parallax effect. It’s sure to impress your guests.

♦ Text Editor

Double click on any text content to open a text editor where you can modify the text contents and apply and remove various styles to highlighted text.

♦ Publish And Export Download The Whole Project

Publish it to a remote server via FTP or attach custom domains/subdomains to display projects.

♦ Editable Landing Page

Default landing page can be easily edited via built-in appearance editor with live preview and no coding knowledge.

♦ SaaS Mode

Earn money with a built in premium subscription system. Create different plans for users to subscribe to and control what functionality and limitations each plan has.

♦ High Performance

Ai Builder is lightweight and has lightning fast performance and page load time out of the box.

♦ Custom Pages

Custom pages (for example terms of service, about us etc) can be created using built-in WISIWYG editor.

♦ Appearance Editor

Easily manage your site appearance (colors, logo, landing page, menus etc) via built-in appearance editor.

♦ Responsive

Ai Builder is fully responsive and will work on desktop, mobile, tablet and other devices.

♦ SEO Editor

SEO tags for all pages can be modified directly from the appearance editor in admin area.

♦ Easy To Edit

Ai Builder is fully component based. Every design and feature of the app is made with modular component blocks that blend with your design without any hassle. This makes editing content and designs on your website something your 5 -year old could do (didn’t we say that it’s built with non-tech minded people in mind).

♦ Be Launch Ready In Minutes

One of the most unique features is that it comes with a wide selection of ready to use designs.

Regardless of your industry or niche, the structure or feel you want your website to have, there is a ready to use template that is exactly what you need. If you can point-n-click the computer mouse, you’re good to go.

♦ Mobile Responsive

With Ai Builder, you don’t need to worry about how your site would look on a tablet, mobile device, or any other device with smaller screens. The templates were developed keeping in mind that customers are using more and more portable devices.

These templates are completely mobile responsive and work perfectly on devices of varying screen sizes without fear of losing content or distortion.

♦ Multiple Homepages

Choose between multiple home pages including landing page, login page or your own custom html page.


Ai Builder is a complete website and landing page builder with stunning designs to mesmerize your visitors. Now let’s me show you how easy Ai Builder is to use:

Enter your email address and password, and click on “Continue”.

After logging in successfully, you will see the easy to use dashboard below:

3 steps with Ai Builder

  • Step 1: Chose A Template For The New Project

On the main dashboard, click on “New Project” to start creating a new project and choose from the super dope templates already done for you.

Once you have selected a template for your project, just click on it, enter the project name and click on “Create” button.

Just wait a few seconds, your page has been created. Now you can edit and customize this page to suit your needs.

  • Step 2: Customize

You can change your text, change your image or upload it from your PC. Or you can choose from the list of elements such as adding responsive videos, buttons page, headers, blockquotes and so much more. You just name it and you get tons and tons of other unique features.

Once you’re done editing save and publish your project.

You can always upload this page to your own server through the in-built FTP client. Just enter domain name, username, password, and directory, and then click on “Publish”. It’s done!

  • Step 3: Create And Point To Your Custom Domain

On the dashboard, click on “domains” section and “Connect Domain”. Then enter the exact domain name you want your projects to be accessible with (It can be a subdomain or root domain) and click on “Next” button.

After that, add this A record to your domain by visiting your DNS provider or registrar.

Ai Builder Review – The Demo

Now quickly create any type of page, complete marketing funnels, complete websites, ecom store for yourself or your clients…

Check out the full software walk-thru below:


First and foremost, they have made Ai Builder as the simplest tool to work with. There are video tutorials to help you in case you get stuck somewhere. But even if that doesn’t help and you need more assistance, the supporting team are more than happy to help.

Also, it’s very much newbie-friendly. You don’t need any previous skills and experience to use. Ai Builder is completely cloud-based. You don’t even need to download or install anything. Just login and start creating pages. No need for buying a domain or expensive hosting services and no worries for losing visitors or leaking traffic – everything is in your control!

Beside this, a special commercial launch license is also included. This very limited commercial license will allow you to tap into a unique opportunity to enter the $200 billion freelancing industry.

Last but not least, when it comes to an investment (even if it’s the same amount as a lunch for 2 that you do every week – it’s still your hard earned money), it’s ok to be a little anxious. Therefore, they are giving you a no questions asked – 200 days money back guarantee. If after using Ai Builder for 200 days, you still believe that it’s not for you, just contact ‘Support’ and they will have your refund processed immediately.

Let’s also have a look at what people say about this wonderful product after putting it in practice.


Ai Builder FE

I’m glad to announce to you that all you have to pay is just a small investment of $17. Once you pay this low one-time fee, Ai Builder is your tool. You can use it as much as you want. No restrictions.

Ai Builder is going to be around forever. But, unfortunately it won’t be available at this one-time price. There will be 2 packages: Monthly and Yearly. So I urge you to take action as soon as possible.


AI Builder FE – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

AI Builder OTO 1: AI Builder Automation – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 2: AI Builder DFY – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 3: AI Builder Unlimited Traffic – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 4: AI Builder Reseller – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 5: AI Builder Enterprise – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3

AI Builder OTO 6: AI Builder Whitelabel – Coupon Code: AIBUILDER3


Please check out the bonus packages which helps you make a better use of this product.

By the way, MEI-REVIEW team also offers different niche-based bonus packages at the end of this review. There are things that you just cannot ignore 🙂

Please spend a couple of minutes looking at them with full descriptions


Imagine what you can do with this page building tool.

♥ For eCommerce Vendors

Now, you can create superior, high converting storefronts, sales pages and funnels for all the eCom products you sell regardless of if you’re dropshipping them from Aliexpress or fulfilling them yourself

♥ For Freelancers/Agencies

Use this new software to create gorgeous websites for your clients and local businesses your service including but not limited to businesses like hotels, restaurants, laundry, clinics, spa, clothing stores etc.

♥ For Internet Marketers

Create high converting sales pages for your digital products (eBooks, software, plugins, video courses), thank you pages, download pages, squeeze page to capture leads, webinar registration pages and so much more.

♥ For Bloggers/Influencers

Design beautiful blogs and create visually stunning blog posts that engage your audience and go viral.



♥ Sell more, sell fast with the well designed landing pages and websites built in minutes

♥ 10x your site conversions using the easiest drag-and-drop Landing page and website builder to use.

♥ Newbie friendly. Built for non-tech minded entrepreneurs and marketers.

♥ Get 10x More Engagement thanks to Mobile-responsive themes that you can customize easily

♥ Get more traffic with your sites loading faster

♥ Boost Google rankings of your pages and websites with integrated Search Engine Optimization


  • X I am completely happy with this product


Now, chasing designers and copywriters used to be routine for you. It was your job. As the CEO or head of business operations, you thought that was what you were supposed to do. The only thing that has changed now is that you know it doesn’t have to be like this. You could have bought Ai Builder and rid yourself of such mundane tasks and saved yourself from this frustration.

Thank you for your time reading my review and see you next time with another software review!

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