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A Summer Morning Routine That Will Make Your Days More Productive

by Saad Jamshaid 4 months ago in how to
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The summer months can be some of the best times of the year, but they can also be extremely hectic and chaotic if you don’t prepare yourself for them ahead of time. To help you have more productive mornings during the summer, we’ve put together this simple and easy-to-follow morning routine to prepare you for all of your summer adventures. You’ll be able to start your day off right with this awesome summer morning routine!

Planning for the day

The summer months are full of long, light mornings and afternoons that will only get longer as daylight saving approaches. The extra hours of sunlight mean you’ll need to plan your days so that there is enough time for everything you want to accomplish.

Start by creating a task list for each day in advance. This way, when you wake up, all you have to do is start working through your list, which can be much easier than deciding what to do on any given day at any given moment (even if it’s a beautiful summer morning).

As a bonus, planning also means you can take advantage of those long summer evenings and get started early tomorrow!

Before leaving for work, think about what tasks you need to accomplish that day. Having a clear picture of your goals will help keep you motivated and on track throughout your morning and afternoon.

If possible, make a list at night of things you need to accomplish and go over it in detail in the morning before starting your day. Getting in a good groove right off can set up strong momentum for your productivity throughout the rest of your day.

Nothing is worse than having to scramble around, trying to find your keys, wallet, water bottle, and other essentials while running late for work or an appointment. Instead of wasting time looking for these things, set aside 10–15 minutes each morning (or the night before) to make a plan for your day.

Get up early

You don’t have to become a morning person to take advantage of an early start — just commit to waking up 30 minutes before you need to leave your house.

The earlier you get up, says Lisa Moskovitz, founder of The Sleep Judge, the more time you give yourself to work on yourself (which is always a good idea), and also, if it’s summer, your schedule can be more flexible.

If you get up early enough, go for a run or just enjoy a nice walk in the sunshine; if not — catch up on that book you never have time for when it’s light out!

Not many people can wake up early and be productive, but if you set your alarm for 5:00 a.m., you’ll be able to squeeze in exercise, meal prep, and other morning tasks before your day starts.

A study by researchers at Western Washington University found that people who work out in a fast state are more likely to stick with their fitness plan than those who eat first.

If you like to sleep in on weekends, it’s going to be a lot harder to pull yourself out of bed come Monday morning. And if you manage to get up early but then hit snooze on your alarm clock.

You’re setting yourself up for added stress and decreased productivity. If you do hit snooze one too many times, get outside! A quick walk will revive you and help wake your body up for a productive day ahead.

Exercise first thing in the morning

Setting your alarm a few minutes earlier than you normally would is an effective way to start your morning on a positive note. When you’re groggy, getting up and forcing yourself out of bed can be challenging.

But when you get up early enough to enjoy a bit of quiet time before everyone else wakes up, it becomes much easier to wake with a spring in your step — and use that energy to help set yourself up for success.

For instance, if you usually walk into work at 8:00 AM and want to be at work by 7:30 AM instead of just dashing in before anyone else arrives, waking early and arriving slightly earlier can improve both your mood and productivity level.

According to a recent study from Ohio State University, people who exercised first thing in the morning were 10 percent more productive than those who did it later on.

The researchers think that working out early increases motivation for your day and provides a mental boost that can help you tackle tasks with greater ease. It also gets your blood flowing, which makes it easier to wake up and get to work when you’re groggy.

A morning workout wakes up your muscles and gets them ready for an active day. In one study, employees who exercised first thing in the morning felt less fatigue at work than those who did it later in the day.

Exercise can also boost your mood, which makes you more likely to tackle your workload with confidence and good spirits. So skip that early-morning cup of coffee — you don’t need it!

Take time for a quick walk outdoors

A recent study suggests that working out in the morning can help people burn more calories over 24 hours. The reason is: People tend to make healthier food choices when they’re on a health kick.

So if you work out first thing, you’ll be less likely to reach for high-calorie foods later in the day. Just remember not to work out on an empty stomach — that can cause cramps and slow your metabolism as your body begins using fat stores as energy.

Whether you walk or run, make sure it’s during daylight hours. Start slowly and work your way up to an hour of daily exercise, ideally first thing in the morning. Give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to warm up and ease into a steady pace.

Getting outside and moving, in general, is a great way to jumpstart your day. When you take time to connect with nature, it’s like starting your day with energy, oxygen, and relaxation.

The simple act of moving your body first thing in the morning will give you more energy than almost anything else you can do. So get outdoors and take a quick walk around your neighborhood! You’ll feel better immediately.

Shower using cold water

As crazy as it may sound, using cold water in your shower can help to boost your energy and alertness. When we use warm or hot water to shower, our bodies perceive it as a sign that we should relax, helping us to unwind and making us feel sleepy.

This is why a morning shower can often make you feel more sluggish than normal. Cold water has been shown to promote mental alertness by inducing your body into waking up mode.

If you’re not sure about jumping into cold showers straight away, start with slightly cooler temperatures for shorter showers until you adjust over time. You’ll be surprised at how much more productive you feel!

I know, I know. Showering in cold water sounds like something only masochists would do. But it’s not as bad as you think. Because cold water constricts your blood vessels and slows down your heart rate.

You’ll stay cool and refreshed for hours after getting out of bed — great for those hot summer days. Chances are you use hot water when showering, but if you want to wake up faster in your morning showers.

Try switching to cold water. This can boost your energy levels and make you feel more alert throughout your day. Not to mention, it’s great for the skin.

Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up

Breakfast is essential for your physical and mental health. Starting your day with a healthy, nutritious meal helps fuel you for whatever it is you have planned for the rest of your day. For most people, breakfast should include lean protein, whole grains, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

When starting your morning on a positive note, it’s much easier to keep up with exercising later in the day or going to work without all that extra snacking! It can also help combat any upcoming stress or anxiety that might have been caused by a lack of sleep.

You’ll likely find yourself more alert and less sluggish when you go about your morning routine if you haven’t eaten yet. So grab some breakfast before tackling anything else on your to-do list!

Having an important task to do each morning is a good way to start your day. One of the most challenging things about mornings can be getting out of bed, so why not make breakfast an essential part of that process?

Taking a few minutes in your kitchen while you’re waking up will also provide a nice break from your daily routine; don’t forget that there are fresh fruits and vegetables available at farmer’s markets during the summer months.

A simple breakfast is a great way to set yourself up for a productive day. Studies show that eating breakfast boosts concentration and alertness, and even reduces your chances of overeating later in the day.

Pack your lunch and prepare your clothes in advance

If you’re like most Americans, then summer is a time for enjoying extra meals with friends and family. With so many delicious options in season, you might find yourself packing on pounds over these few months if you’re not careful.

But don’t fret! By preparing your food and clothes in advance, you can keep your caloric intake under control while also making sure that your days are full of fresh air and sunshine.

Research shows that people who prepare their clothes in advance are more likely to work out. Try setting a goal to pack your lunch and clothes before you go to bed, so they’re ready for you in the morning. It will make getting up for a healthy breakfast much easier!

Pack your lunch, even if you’re only going to be away from home for a few hours. It will save you money and also ensure that you have something healthful to eat.

Packing your lunch in advance makes it easy to grab and go when time is short or when your kids or spouse are looking for something different than what you packed. If packing lunches feels too complicated, just prepare several individual containers of a staple like rice and beans.

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