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8 Different Uses of Hand Sanitizer

Every penny counts, and using your resources wisely is a great quality to have. By doing that you are not only doing yourself a favour but also reducing waste overall.

By Rea SetiaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Source: Safekind

Finding alternative use for a product that you already have is a smart way to use your resource in the best way possible.

We all are well aware of the fact that hand sanitizer is used to kill germs but it is not just limited to that, there are a plethora of other uses that come along with it. Some of which are:

#1 You can use it to get stains off of clothes or other materials

With the help of sanitizers you can smoothly get out stains on clothes or household materials such as curtains. Just to be on the safer side, test it out first and apply sanitizer liquid on a small area first and be sure that the colour is staying put and not changing.

#2 You can use it to remove sticker or glue remains

You must have been in a situation where stickers on glass were so stubborn that it didn’t come off. And, for such tasks, you can put your trust in the hand sanitizer. It will help remove the residue left by a sticker on your glass or new appliances.

#3 You can use it to sanitize mobile phones or any hard surface

Mobile phones or remotes are devices that pick up more germs. To eradicate them, you can always use hand sanitizer, they kill germs and clean the surface. Not just that, you can also clean book covers and make them look brand new.

#4 You can use it to kill stubborn foot odors

Some people have very strong foot odors, especially after a long day at work. Even after you are done taking a shower or washing your feet, you might still miss out on little nooks and crannies. And, any place these germs can hide they will, later on, cause difficulties. With the help of hand sanitizers, you can not only kill germs but at the same time get rid of bad odor in between showers.

#5 You can use it as a dry shampoo

There are an array of dry shampoos available, you can spray a little and it will make your hair look freshly-washed when you are in a rush. However, if you are out of dry shampoo, you can give hand sanitizer a shot. Just squeeze out a little and massage lightly into your roots, and your hair will look just as good.

#6 You can use it to clean your keyboard

Did you know that your keyboard, which you use daily, can be just as dirty as your toilet seat? Well, fear not as we have just the solution for you. Take your hand sanitizer and wipe your keyboard with a piece of cloth- preferably microfiber. But, first, don’t foget it turn it off.

#7 You can use it to remove nail polish

In case you are out of nail polish and you want to clean up your nails, hand sanitizer comes to the rescue! Apply it and let it sit for at least a minute, then take a cotton pad and wipe it all away and repeat until its all clean.

#8 You can use it to get rid of fingerprints on stainless steel

Fingerprints are capable of ruining the look of your stainless steel appliances, but you don't need to buy a special stainless steel cleaner if you have instant hand sanitizer at hand. It helps remove spattered oil, fingerprints, and other grease marks.

Closing note

The aforementioned are just a few uses of hand sanitizer, there are many more. You can use it to clean supplies and other products you have in your house. So, when you run out of the product you need, then hand sanitizer come to the rescue in a pinch.

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